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RDH – Certified Responsive Design Hero, Köln

RDH – Certified Responsive Design Hero, Köln
Event on 2016-12-05 09:00:00
Was Sie erwartet Das Thema »Responsive Web Design« bewegt wie Web-­Szene nun bereits seit einigen Jahren. Doch unter »responsive« verstehen sowohl Kunden als auch Agenturen oft lediglich die Optimierung einer Website für Smartphones und Tablets. In Wahrheit ist Responsive Web Design eine neue Philosophie im Web Design und erfordert ein Umdenken bei Kunden, Kundenberatern, Konzeptionern, Projektleitern, Designern und Entwicklern. Worum es geht Erfolgreiche responsive Projekte werden interdisziplinär umgesetzt. Jeder Projekt-Mitarbeiter muss daher verstehen was die Kollegen machen und in welchen Bereichen sich Schwierigkeiten ergeben. Kundenberater und Projektleiter wiederum bilden die Schnittstelle zum Kunden und müssen dafür sorgen, dass der Kunde die Vorteile des »neuen« Workflows versteht und in jeder Phase des Projekts von der Agentur geleitet wird. Was Sie lernen werden Angefangen bei den Grundlagen von Responsive Design über Layoutmuster, Touch-Screen-Optimierung und Navigationskonzepte bis hin zu konzeptionellen Ansätzen wie Mobile First und Progressive Enhancement werden Sie in diesem Seminar alle Aspekte von Responsive Design kennenlernen, ohne dabei tiefer als notwendig in die technischen Details einzusteigen. Anhand praxisorientierter Übungen lernen Sie, wo die Herausforderungen im Responsive Webdesign liegen, wie Sie Fehler in Gestaltung und Entwicklung vermeiden können und was Sie bei der Planung und Kommunikation von responsiven Websites beachten sollten. Wer teilnehmen sollte Dieses Seminar richtet sich an Konzeptioner, Designer, Projektleiter, Kundenberater und an alle Interessierten, die von konzeptioneller, strategischer und organisatorischer Seite in das Thema »Responsive Design« einsteigen möchten.

Im Mediapark 5
Köln, Germany

The New Rules of Business with Dale Beaumont – Perth

The New Rules of Business with Dale Beaumont – Perth
Event on 2016-08-26 08:45:00
Imagine how good it would be if your business gave you the money, time & freedom you always wanted… New Rules of Business is a powerhouse event like no other. It condenses the knowledge and ideas others take years to figure out into one dynamic, jam-packed day. Unique to this event, you’ll discover: Content-rich, practical strategies that mine the huge opportunities that await you Forward thinking ideas that give you a powerful competitive advantage Live view, real-time examples of how a successful business is applying and reaping the benefits Step-by-step guides you can use straight away to get your business up to speed and pumping Insider insights from Dale Beaumont, who presents for the entire day, and who built 3 different million dollar businesses by the age of 30   Introducing… New Rules of Business is a FREE 1- Day workshop designed to transform the way you run your business forever. New Rules of Business will open your eyes to an array of fantastic new tools, strategies and ideas that are available to you right now. From savvy online strategies, to outsourcing, social media avenues and more, you’ll learn how you can reach more of your ideal clients, grow revenue and get more done with greater efficiency than ever before. You’ll be amazed at how easy and inexpensive they are. And you’ll be blown away by their ability to radically transform how much more you can get done with little cost or direct involvement by you. Spend just one day at New Rules of Business and you’ll come away with a host of practical cutting edge ideas that will make many business processes effortless and stress-free. What’s more, you’ll gain a renewed sense of energy and focus about what’s possible for you to achieve personally and professionally. Hundreds of business owners who’ve attended have gone away and immediately applied the ideas they learned. In doing so, they’ve revolutionised their business and refueled their passion for it. Better yet, they’ve created more clarity and confidence about where they’re headed, as well as more free time for themselves. Something shifts in people’s minds after they’ve attended this event. It’s like they’re seeing their business through a completely different lens and it’ll never be the same again.   New Rules of Business Gives you a ton of practical, meaty information you can implement straight away and start reaping the rewards in your business.   Does your website attract and convert plenty of ideal clients? If not, you’re not alone. Many businesses have websites that fail to be found, or have content or functionality that does not engage the clients they’re seeking. But it’s not that hard to change this. There are many simple and inexpensive ways you can capitalise on the potential your website has to offer – and generate more sales as a result. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Reach more prospective clients through smart domain names Create lead magnets that convert visitors into clients Ensure your website is responsive on mobile devices and easy to update Structure landing pages for successful, targeted promotions Integrate all of your online activities to generate powerful results   Your website is one of the most critical tools in your marketing kit. Learn the tips and tricks to avoid the website mistakes most business owners make that waste time and sabotage their success.   Is it easy for you to step away from your business to travel, or to simply spend time with your family enjoying life? For many business owners, this is something they dream of, but struggle to actually do. Or when they are away from their business, there’s a nagging worry at the back of their mind about what might be going wrong without them. Systems are the answer. And forget about outdated policy and procedures manuals. At New Rules of Business you’ll learn an easy way to create online systems that are incredibly user-friendly. You’ll also get a glimpse inside our business where you’ll see how you can manage your business and train new staff – all without even being there. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Unpack your knowledge into a simple system your staff can follow Create a consistent, reliable experience for your clients Grow your business rapidly through scalable, replicatable systems Gain greater visibility over the status of internal processes Multiply the value of your business by eliminating its dependence on you   Effective systems give your business the structure it needs to flourish without you. This gives you the freedom to work on your business instead of in it. It also means you create more time for you to simply relax and enjoy life.   How much is your time worth? As a business owner, you already have plenty on your plate each day. But among this, there are likely to be many boring or repetitive tasks that don’t need to be done by you. More and more business owners are turning to outsourcing as a way to streamline their personal load and the demands on their team, and to get more done. They’re able to use their time more productively and focus on what interests them most – and where they can be most effective. For as little as to an hour, you can outsource a variety of activities to a virtual assistant. As a result, you and your team are freed up to concentrate on tasks that add more value to your business. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Identify the tasks you can readily outsource Find the right outsourced staff for your business Create systems that support your virtual assistants to do their best work Maintain a consistent standard of quality across your local and offshore operations Leverage the capability of your business by tapping into a wider range of virtual services   Outsourcing is an extremely cost effective way to help your team become significantly more productive and efficient each and every day. Draw on the skills and talents of virtual staff, and offload a raft of tasks that need not be done by you or your team.   The internet has made it super easy for you to reach a very wide audience. By publishing content on your area of expertise – through articles, videos, podcasts, case studies, blogs and more – it becomes simpler for your target audience to find you. This is because having more content lets you ‘claim more real estate’ in search engine results. A growing number of tools make it possible to repurpose your valuable content in multiple ways, enabling you to promote it through a variety of platforms. For example, a video you create can have the audio extracted to create a podcast. You can then have the audio transcribed into a blog post. This triples the avenues through which a prospective client can find you on the web. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Use ‘front end offers’ that attract new leads and demonstrate your expertise Make videos and podcasts that are professional, compelling and effective Use infographics to simplify and communicate your ideas Ramp up your rankings on Google by tagging your content with targeted keywords Publish a no-fuss, content-rich magazine that appeals to your target audience   By appearing in multiple channels, your visibility as a subject matter expert is significantly boosted. This reinforces your credentials and authority as an expert, making you the standout choice when a prospective client comes looking.   With a never-ending list of social media channels available, it can be confusing for businesses to decide whether it’s worth pursuing at all. And if it is the right path, which is the best type to follow? Some businesses leap into social media without really figuring out why, and end up wasting lots of time and money for little result. But when it’s done well, social media has the capacity to make an extraordinary impact on your business, in a truly cost effective way. Right now, over 75% of your customers use social media. So if this is where they want to spend their time, you need clever ways to connect with them. By using social media the right way, you can hyper-target your advertisements and promote your business to the people you would otherwise have to spend hundreds of dollars to reach, often for less than per lead. You’ll gain an overview of each social media strategy, along with easy ways to manage content and stay relevant and interesting to your audience.   You’ll gain an overview of each social media strategy, along with easy ways to manage content and stay relevant and interesting to your audience.   How often do you keep in contact with your customers once they’ve bought from you? Or what about your list of prospective customers who are yet to buy? If you have a database of customers or prospects, it’s crucial for your business to stay on their radar. This helps ensure you’re top of mind when the time comes for them to buy. It also means you can offer them new products or services, and potentially increase your revenue stream. But it’s not about touching base one-on-one forever. Your business will never grow that way. Learn simple and automated ways your business can retain your customers and prospects, and keep them buying from you over and over. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Create content that’s compelling, useful and relevant to encourage people to opt-in to your mailing list Survey your list to identify what your audience is looking for Build automated campaigns that require minimal effort on your part Identify the headlines and landing pages that deliver the strongest conversion rates Generate a passive, ongoing income stream by offering products and services that match your target audience’s interests   Learn how to leverage your marketing so your current and potential customers look forward to hearing from you. It only takes a few hours a week and you can plan and set up everything months in advance.   Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world? Or that websites with videos have higher conversion rates than ones that don’t? If a picture tells 100 words, a video can communicate thousands in a very short space of time. You can use video for a wide range of purposes – to demonstrate the benefits of your products or services, to make an announcement, to present ‘how to’ information or even to capture video testimonials. While once upon a time it was tricky to make videos in-house that looked and sounded good, that’s no longer the case. With quality video tools, accessories and online resources available at a reasonable cost, it’s become quite simple to produce polished videos for your website. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Choose the basics you need to get underway with video production Stage your videos so they’re professional and engaging Use accessories such as prompters that let you read your script while looking directly at the camera Ensure your sound is clear through the right choice of microphone Upload your videos to YouTube and tag them correctly to make it easier for your target audience to find them   More and more people choose to watch a video rather than read loads of web copy. Learn how easy it can be to produce good quality videos inexpensively in-house, through the valuable information you’ll gain at New Rules of Business.   Here's what our clients have achieved after attending New Rules of Business and applying our strategies into their business… “The role of the Business Owner is not to be the one that does everything” We had the right foundations from day 1…it's amazing how quickly it grows” “It's fast tracked us, just outsource everything you're not great at” “I sold more off my facebook page than offmy website”       Get ready to embrace your future As an owner of a business, you know that it affects every aspect of your life – from the lifestyle you live, to how much time you have to spend with your family or to look after your health – even to how well you sleep at night. Don’t stay stuck in the old ways of doing business and risk missing out on the amazing opportunities that are available to you right now. Give your business the wings it needs to thrive. Take advantage of the breakthrough ideas you’ll discover in the FREE 1-Day New Rules of Business event and build the business and life you deserve. You have nothing to lose and your whole life to gain.

at Pan Pacific Perth
207 Adelaide Terrace
Perth, Australia

An Evening Of: Front-end

An Evening Of: Front-end
Event on 2016-06-29 19:00:00
Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran, you're all welcome. As usual, there's no set agenda, we're looking to learn from one another and discuss different aspects of work. The Rareloop team will be on hand to help answer any questions where we can. Here's some examples of the things we hope to be discussing (not limited to): Intro to the Web and Front End basics (HTML/CSS/JS) Speeding up your website Workflow/ Tooling (Grunt/Gulp etc.) Exciting new web features Responsive Design   We'll start around 7 so be sure to bring your own kit and any demos/projects etc. you want to work on or show off! The Southampton Open Devices Lab will be available so feel free to make use of the 20+ devices for testing.

at Rareloop
77 Andersons Road , #12
Southampton, United Kingdom

MIDNIGHT CRUISE – Memorial Day Bash

MIDNIGHT CRUISE – Memorial Day Bash
Event on 2016-05-28 20:00:00
Event Details
Ages: 21+
SFNightLife.com Presents…
2016 Party Cruise Series, aboard Fume Blanc with World Class House Music & Open Format DJs

Memorial Day Bash

SATURDAY, May 28th

Everyone’s favorite day of the week is Saturday. After busting our humps in the office for hours on end, it’s nice to know that we have a day where we can finally let loose, and enjoy any and all entertainment that we find in San Francisco. However, we tend to fall into a bit of a routine, falling into a mental trap that limits our choices when we're trying to maximize the one day of the week.

That’s where SF Nightlife comes in. Instead of going to that neighborhood club or bar this Saturday Night, they’re giving you a chance to hop aboard the Saturday Night Party Cruise for a night that you won’t forget. Prepare to take the party to the water this summer in San Francisco as one of the popular boats on the harbor welcomes you on board for an epic event that features a cash bar and music by live DJs.

Take a 3 Hour Cruise aboard the Fume Blanc of Commodore Cruises a 4 million dollar, 340 passanger, luxury vessel. It is a Hudson Steamboat Replica with 3 floors, 2 DJs, and amazing views of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Nob Hill, Alcatraz, and the Spectacular San Francisco Skyline. From Memorial Day Weekend in May to October 1st you'll have the chance to board the Fume Blanc and enjoy an entertaining cruise like none other.

Get your tickets now and prepare for an experience you won't forget, but will most likely want to indulge in again.

Here is a breakdown of the Perks of this VIP cruise:
– Breathtaking views of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Spectacular San Francisco Skyline & more..
– 2 DJs on 2 Floors with 2 dance areas playing the hits of today with House & Top 40
– A Gorgeous fun filled crowd
– 3 Fully stocked & professionally staffed cash bars
– Unbeatable VIP Packages with Bottle & Table Service
– Spectacular Group Saving Packages
– And more…

Perfect For:
– Local Singles and Couples looking to expand their Social Circle, or just simply dance the night away under the stars
– Tourists or anyone new to the city that wants to make the most out of their visit
– Something Fresh and Fun for a Guys or Ladies Night out

Celebrate on Board:
– Birthdays, Work Parties, Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, Ladies Night, Guy’s Night
– Host your own PRIVATE party cruise! That's right, you and your friends can have your own Yacht to cruise and party on the Bay! Call for details.

Check-in: 8:00 PM | Boarding: 9:00 PM | Cruise Begin: 9:30 PM | Disembark: 12:30 AM

BOARDING LOCATION: SB 40 Restaurant – Pier 40, (8 The Embarcadero) – foot of Townsend Street – Near AT&T Park. Pier 40 is NOT by Per 39!!! Please use "SB 40 Restaurant" as your destination for GPS Directions. ** No refunds if you miss the boat **

STRICT DRESS CODE will be enforced: Dress to impress. This is an upscale event with cocktail attire required for entrance. Men will not be allowed to wear ball caps, plain t-shirts, hi-tops or tennis shoes. Ideal wear would be nice slacks or dark jeans, dress shirt, blazer jacket. Ladies always look fabulous in dresses. If you do not meet the dress code, you may NOT be allowed to board and no refund will be given.
No alcohol, open containers or outside food permitted. No illegal drugs, or controlled substances, including prescription drugs and marijuana, will be tolerated. Using marijuana on the water is a illegal, regardless of a medical condition(s). The use and/or possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances is absolutely prohibited by Commodore Cruises & Events and the US Coast Guard. Commodore Cruises & Events holds a zero tolerance policy related to illegal substances aboard all vessels and anyone who is caught participating or processing any such items will not be allowed to board and substances will be confiscated. If you are thought to be under the influence of, or caught participating in, illegal substances on board, you will be quarantined until the boat can safely return to dock. The cruise is subject to end for all guests immediately upon doing so. No refunds will be issued if such occurrence happens. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Let’s have fun and party safe!

Visitor Parking | Pier 40
Parking for visitors is quite limited to South Beach Harbor. There are public parking facilities in the immediate area with one of the largest lots located at Brannan and the Embarcadero Street. Subject to availability, South Beach Harbor visitors can park for up to one hour only in designated spaces in the limited visitor lot on Pier 40 (at Townsend and the Embarcadero). Limited metered public parking lots are available as well, however these on-street parking spaces will be more difficult to park in during the baseball season. Please make sure to give yourself plenty of time to find parking if you have not arranged your transportation. Also be sure to check all lots/garage hours during baseball and/or summer season, some places close before midnight. Commodore Cruises & SF NIghtlife is not responsible for the metered parking lots. For more parking options please visit: Parkopedia.com

Photography/Multimedia Disclaimer
By attending our event, you agree to the following;
Allowed: Non-Professional Recording Equipment (Point & Shoot Cameras, Flip Video Cameras, etc.) Cameras for personal use only. Not Allowed: Professional Recording (Photo, Video, Audio) Equipment (NO Detachable Zoom Lenses, Tripods or Other Commercial Equipment without the written consent of SFNightlife.com. The SFNightlife.com reserves the right to use any photograph/videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings taken at any event hosted, or any affiliate of SFNightlife.com. SFNightlife.com also reserves the right to use any photograph/videography without the written permission of those included within the photograph. Photographs may be used in publications or other forms of media produced, used, or contracted by SFNightlife.com. This includes, but is not limited to: magazines, Web sites, social media, blog, presentations and other SFNightlife.com marketing materials or other, similar reproductions or recordings.

A person attending a SFNightlife.com event who does not wish to have their image recorded for distribution should make their wishes known to the photographer and/or the event organizers. Any person or organization not affiliated with the SFNightlife.com may not use, copy, alter or modify SFNightlife.com photographs, graphics, videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of SFNightlife.com.


For more info and/or questions please call 415 573 0740

::|| All Sales are final. Absolutely NO refunds or exchanges. Each ticket holder has reserved spot on board. Prices are subject to change while supplies last. Must be 21+ to attend ||::

at Fume Blanc Commodore
8 The Embarcadero,
San Francisco, United States

The 11th International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering – ENASE 2016

The 11th International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering – ENASE 2016
Event on 2016-04-27 00:00:00
Conference name:
The 11th International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering – ENASE 2016

Rome, Italy

Event date:
27 – 28 April, 2016

Regular Papers
Paper Submission: October 30, 2015
Authors Notification: February 3, 2016
Camera Ready and Registration: February 18, 2016

Position Papers
Paper Submission: January 5, 2016
Authors Notification: February 12, 2016
Camera Ready and Registration: February 25, 2016

Workshop Proposal: November 13, 2015

Special Sessions
Special Session Proposal: November 24, 2015

Tutorials, Demos and Panel Proposals
December 18, 2015

The mission of ENASE (Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering) is to be a prime international forum to discuss and publish research findings and IT industry experiences with relation to the evaluation of novel approaches to software engineering. The conference acknowledges necessary changes in systems and software thinking due to contemporary shifts of computing paradigm to e-services, cloud computing, mobile connectivity, business processes, and societal participation.
By comparing novel approaches with established traditional practices and by evaluating them against systems and software quality criteria, ENASE conferences advance knowledge and research in software engineering, including and emphasizing service-oriented, business-process driven, and ubiquitous mobile computing. ENASE aims at identifying most hopeful trends and proposing new directions for consideration by researchers and practitioners involved in large-scale systems and software development, integration, deployment, delivery, maintenance and evolution.
ENASE 2016 will be held in conjunction with ICEIS 2016 and GISTAM 2016.

Each of these topic areas is expanded below but the sub-topics list is not exhaustive. Papers may address one or more of the listed sub-topics, although authors should not feel limited by them. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable, provided they fit in one of the following main topic areas:


• Value Chains and Co-Creation in Service Systems
• Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA)
• Semantic Web Services
• Delivery, Deployment and Maintenance of Service Systems
• Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Quality of Service (QoS)
• Cost of Services (CoS) and Service Revenue Models
• Service-centric Business Models
• Enterprise Integration Strategies and Patterns
• Business Process Management and Engineering
• Business Process Mining
• e-Business Technologies and Interoperability
• Knowledge Management and Engineering
• Document and Workflow Management
• Collaborative Requirements and Processes
• Business Impacts and Business Models of Cloud Computing
• Governance, Risk and Compliance Management
• Software Ecosystems

• Mobile Platforms
• Mobile Human-Computer Interfaces
• Mobile Applications and Services for Consumers
• Social Web Applications
• Innovative Mobile Applications for Enterprises
• Internet of Things and Wearable Computing
• Context-aware Technologies
• Configuration and Multi-tenancy in Mobile Systems
• Data Management for Service-Oriented Mobile Applications
• Mobile Security, Authorization and Privacy
• Mobile Cloud Computing
• Quality in Use and User Experience Evaluation
• Multidevice Testing and Verification
• Mobile Marketing and Payment
• Mobile Healthcare Support
• Mobile Ambient Assisted Living
• m-Learning
• Mobile Game Development

• Software and Systems Development Methodologies
• Software Process Improvement
• User-centered Software Engineering
• Service-oriented Software Engineering
• Software Product Line Engineering
• Responsive Web Design (RWD)
• Big Data and Software Engineering
• Architectural Design and Frameworks
• Software Quality Management
• Software Change and Configuration Management
• System Complexity
• Design Thinking
• Requirements Engineering
• Application Integration Technologies
• Geographically Distributed Software Engineering
• Formal Methods
• Model-driven Engineering
• Agile, Aspect-oriented and Agent-oriented Software Engineering
• Meta Programming Systems and Meta Modeling

ENASE 2016 will have several invited keynote speakers, who are internationally recognized experts in their areas. Their names are not yet confirmed.

Joaquim Filipe, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal / INSTICC, Portugal

Leszek Maciaszek, Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland and Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia


ENASE Secretariat
Address: Av. D. Manuel I, 27A, 2º esq.
2910-595 Setubal – Portugal
Tel.: +351 265 520 185
Fax: +44 203 014 8813
e-mail: enase.secretariat@insticc.org
Website: http://www.enase.org/

at Roma, IT
– Rome Italy
Rome, Italy

Website Redesign

Website Redesign is a must for some businesses.  Over time, all businesses do need to update their online website image.  The online image of a business is a reflection of the goods and services they are offering. A modern and clean image shows that we are up to date and in the know about what we are offering to our clients.  An out of style design may be taken for a sign that a business is not fresh or current, and not the go to business for new info.

Website Redesign

Content Overhaul is Necessary in a Website Redesign

Fresh site content is also crucial here.  If information is not kept recent, website visitors may think you are not the market leader and may prefer to shop elsewhere.   Keep info up to date with good content and with regular blog posts to help make this happen.  If you are busy, you may need to hire a content writer to do this task for you.  The money spent here is a good investment for your business.

You may wonder why a website redesign is a must-do even if your business is doing well, for instance.  The answer is simple.  When a company site image is enhanced, value is created. As a result, you can target a new set of clients with this image.  Second, you can come up to par with a competitor who may be more ahead of the game than you are.  Finally, you can think about raising your prices as a result of this new branding.

For the above reasons, I think a site makeover is money well spent.  The value it brings is so crucial to keeping your site active and engaging so that clients will want to return over and over again.  A good investment that over time will definitely pay for itself.

Toronto Design Trade Show this November 2016

Toronto design tradeshow is coming up at the end of the year. Every year I make it a point of going to about three to five industry related trade shows; anything from web design to search engine optimization to graphic trends. As an industry professional, I think this is crucial in keeping up to date with client needs as well as making useful contacts that I can refer my clients to when the work is outside my scope of practice or skills. This is why I am blogging about a show that I think many graphic designers and web marketing professionals may be particularly interested in. Read More >

The Lead Central Kustom Car Show and Swap Meet

The Lead Central Kustom Car Show and Swap Meet
Event on 2016-02-13 09:00:00
This event is primarily a Kustom car show that includes an automotive only swap meet. There is a special section open to Kustom Lead Sleds. These are cars usually of American origin manufactured in the 1940's 50's and 60's with bodies modified way beyond the makers original design. There are many other sections open to all types of cars both modified and stock. These too are usually classics of American origin but we have trophies for Australian and European vehicles as well. If you want to display your car and compete for a trophy it will cost you a gold coin donation. If your car qualifies for the Kustom Lead Sled section then entry is free. The swap meet is automotive themed goods only. We do make some exceptions but you need to call and make arrangements first (you don't want to be turned away at the gate) Swap sites are 6 metre by 6 Metre and cost .00 per site. Trade site cost the same.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any special requirements. We are only to happy to help where we can. Buyers are admitted for free ! You bring the goods and we will supply the buyers. This event is run for fun and not for profit. We keep a minimal bank balance between events and so virtualy all the money we make during the event is donated to our favourite local charity The Omori/Western Lake Taupo First Response Vehicle. That being a four wheel drive vehicle that has been fitted out as a first response vehicle and maned by local St Johns ambulance staff on a voluntary basis.

This event is themed on the cult classic hot rod movie American Graffiti so don't be afraid to dress up. You may win a spot prize ! We have live Rock n Roll music playing during the event and a Saturday Night Hop at the local Chartered Club. Entry to the Hop is free but a gold coin donation would be appreciated. So rock on over to Turangi and have a ball. There is always something different happening at this event.

Check out our Facebook page Lead Central and don't forget to Like us or call me on 021 393884. Web site coming soon.

at Te Kapua Park

Hamilton, New Zealand

Installing, Configuring and Managing VMware vSphere [v5.5+v6.0] Moscow

Installing, Configuring and Managing VMware vSphere [v5.5+v6.0] Moscow
Event on 2016-01-04 19:00:00
The course is conducted entirely online, including labs, in an asynchronous manner and it is available to students 24/7. The course consists of pre-recorded lectures and instructor-led Q&A sessions. Instructors at our college are not allowed to deliver more than 12 hours of training or labs each week to meet VMware IT Academy terms and conditions. Students can study at their own pace provided they meet the minimum due dates set by the instructor. We don’t have set hours per day, but there is a set maximum of up to 12 hours of training or lab exercises that students can do on a weekly basis as per VITA terms and conditions. The ICM courses are 4 weeks in length, approximately 40 hours of lectures and lab exercises. Current tuition & lab fee costs total 50. There is an optional textbook available through our book store. Watch the video explaining the details also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbEbuw5pewM Detailed Course Outline BM College follows VMware official curriculum, in addition which the instructors will make sure the presentations include real world case scenarios. 1. Course Introduction Introductions and course logistics Course objectives 2. Virtualized Data Center Introduce components of the virtualized data center Describe where vSphere fits into the cloud architecture Install and use vSphere Client 3. Creating Virtual Machines Introduce virtual machines, virtual machine hardware, and virtual machine files Deploy a single virtual machine 4. VMware vCenter Server Introduce the vCenter Server architecture Introduce VMware® vCenter™ Single Sign-On™ Install and use vSphere Web Client Introduce VMware® vCenter™ Server Appliance™ Configure and manage vCenter Server Appliance Manage vCenter Server inventory objects and licenses 5. Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks Describe, create, and manage a standard virtual switch Describe and modify standard virtual switch properties Configure virtual switch load-balancing algorithms 6. Configuring and Managing Virtual Storage Introduce storage protocols and device names Configure ESXi with iSCSI, NFS, and Fibre Channel storage Create and manage vSphere datastores Deploy and manage VMware vSphere® Storage Appliance 7. Virtual Machine Management Use templates and cloning to deploy virtual machines Modify and manage virtual machines Create and manage virtual machine snapshots Perform VMware vSphere® vMotion® and VMware vSphere® Storage vMotion® migrations Create a VMware vSphere® vApp™ 8. Access and Authentication Control user access through roles and permissions Configure and manage the ESXi firewall Configure ESXi lockdown mode Integrate ESXi with Active Directory 9. Resource Management and Monitoring Introduce virtual CPU and memory concepts Describe methods for optimizing CPU and memory usage Configure and manage resource pools Monitor resource usage using vCenter Server performance graphs and alarms 10. High Availability and Fault Tolerance Introduce the new VMware vSphere® High Availability architecture Configure and manage a vSphere HA cluster Introduce VMware vSphere® Fault Tolerance Describe VMware vSphere® Replication 11. Scalability Configure and manage a VMware vSphere® Distributed Resource Scheduler™ (DRS) cluster Configure Enhanced vMotion Compatibility Use vSphere HA and DRS together 12. Patch Management Use vSphere Update Manager to manage ESXi patching Install vSphere Update Manager and the vSphere Update Manager plug-in Create patch baselines Scan and remediate hosts 13. Installing VMware Components Introduce ESXi installation Describe boot-from-SAN requirements Introduce vCenter Server deployment options Describe vCenter Server hardware, software, and database requirements Install vCenter Server (Windows-based)   This on-line training course explores installation, configuration, and management of VMware® vSphere™, which consists of VMware ESXi™ and VMware vCenter™ Server. Upon completion of this course, the student can take the examination to become a VMware Certified Professional. The course is based on ESXi 5.5/6.0, and vCenter Server 5.5/6.0.  FAQs Requirements System administration experience working with the Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. Understanding of concepts presented in the VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals course for VMware Certified Associate – Data Center Virtualization (VCA-DCV) certification Who should attend System Administrator Systems Engineer Data Center Operations Professionals Technology Professionals seeking VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV) certification Systems Operators responsible for ESXi and vCenter Server We can offer the VMware class only to individuals and not as part of corporate training. Students are required to pay out of their own pocket all tuition costs. No company sponsored students are allowed in VMware IT Academy. What’s the curriculum? This on-line training course explores installation, configuration, and management of VMware® vSphere™, which consists of VMware ESXi™ and VMware vCenter™ Server. Upon completion of this course, the student can take the examination to become a VMware Certified Professional. The course is based on ESXi 5.5/6.0, and vCenter Server 5.5/6.0. BM College follows VMware official curriculum, but we the instructors are making sure the presentations include real world case scenarios. You can download the official course curriculum from VMware’s website: https://mylearn.vmware.com/descriptions/EDU_DATASHEET_vSphereInstallConfigureManage_V551.pdf Am I required to take the exam? There’s no requirement to take the exam. If you want to become a VCP, then you need to attend a class and pass the exam. For example, on the test you will be asked for some command line solutions, and there are no command line options even explored in the labs. This class is designed to get you familiar with VMware, use it, then get certified. Are the ICM classes enough themselves to pass the VCP-DCV exam? This course is a prerequisite and an important part of the exam preparation. To achive VCP certification you must attend this course. I’m a non-US citizen and live outside of the USA, would it be possible for me to enroll? Yes, you can join from any location. Do students get official VMware certificate? Yes, you will receive electronic certificate from VMware that you can share with potential employers. The certificate is published on VMware’s website under your account and can be checked for validity online.

at Moscow
3 Polkovaya Ul.
Moscow, Russian Federation

Startup Weekend Shawinigan 20, 21 et 22 novembre 2015

Startup Weekend Shawinigan 20, 21 et 22 novembre 2015
Event on 2015-11-20 18:30:00
Pour plus de détails sur l'événement, visitez-nous sur Facebook . Merci beaucoup! Politique de remboursement:  Aucun remboursement ne sera fait à moins de 7 jours de l'événement. Nous nous excusons des inconvénients que ceci peut causer. À propos de l'événement:  Avez-vous déjà entendu parler du Startup Weekend ? Il s’agit d’un événement de 54 heures où des développeurs web, des designers/infographistes, des spécialistes du marketing, des gestionnaires de produit et des amoureux d’entrepreneuriat se rencontrent pour partager des idées, former des équipes, créer des produits et lancer des entreprises !   L’événement débute le vendredi soir, où les participants font des pitchs d’idées pour convaincre les autres de former une équipe visant à développer leur projet. Le samedi et le dimanche, les équipes ainsi formées valident leurs idées, ciblent les clients potentiels et développent un produit minimal viable pour être présenté au panel d’experts du dimanche soir. Tout au long du week-end, des coachs, des experts en financement ou en technologies et des entrepreneurs viennent rencontrer et discuter avec les équipes, en plus d’avoir des discours d’experts du domaine ! La compétition se termine par l’annonce des gagnants de la fin de semaine et la remise des prix.   Le concept de Startup Weekend a démarré en juillet 2007 dans l’État du Colorado (USA) et vise essentiellement à regrouper entre 60 et 120 participants afin qu’ils démarrent une entreprise pendant le weekend. L’organisation sans but lucratif est maintenant basée à Seattle (USA) et reçoit l’appui financier de plusieurs partenaires afin de multiplier de tels événements à travers le monde. Jusqu’à maintenant, plus de 1 500 Startup Weekend ont eu lieu dans plus de 660 villes de plus de 120 pays, regroupant plus de 123 000 entrepreneurs qui ont créé plus de 8 300 entreprises ! Tout comme la plupart des autres Startup Weekend, l’événement de Shawinigan a pour objectif de promouvoir l’entrepreneuriat au niveau régional, de transmettre des connaissances concrètes en démarrage et de faire émerger de nouveaux projets entrepreneuriaux pour la région. Plusieurs bénéfices sont attendus : apprentissage du processus de création d’entreprise des citoyens, en particulier chez les jeunes, développement de relations entre les partenaires qui sont plus durables que dans le réseautage traditionnel, rencontres d’associés potentiels, validation d’idées et expérimentation dans un environnement sans risque et mise en action d’idées innovantes qui, autrement, ne resteraient que des idées… Entente légale de participation:  C'est notre travail de vous fournir une chance incroyable d'apprendre tout en faisant des activités de réseautage. Notre intention est que vous rencontriez des gens incroyables avec qui vous pourriez éventuellement fonder une entreprise, bâtir des relations avec des coaches et apprendre de vos pairs. L'événement a pour objectif d'être un forum collaboratif pour partager, apprendre, bâtir et avoir du plaisir! À ce titre, en vous inscrivant comme participant, vous acceptez que toutes idées que vous partagez ou dont vous avez accès sont des contributions à l'expérience globale des participants et de la communauté. Si à titre de participant, vous avez peur que quelqu'un vole votre idée, veuillez reconsidérer votre participation à notre événement ou garder secret certaines portions spécifiques de votre idée.   En tant que membre de la communauté de startup, vous acceptez d'être à l'écoute des autres et de leurs idées. Vous acceptez également d'agir de façon professionnelle, traiter tout le monde avec respect, et traiter les facilités de l'événement avec respect. Vous acceptez que vous soyez responsable pour tout accident ou dommage que vous pourriez causer. Finalement, vous acceptez de ne pas tenir responsable, votre équipe de bénévole local, ou tout autre supporteurs de l'événement pour toutes pertes, dommages, blessures ou autre événement imprévu. En participant à l'événement, vous permettez à Startup Weekend de prendre des photos ou vidéos de l'événement. Vous pouvez trouver les termes exacts sur la Page FAQ mais pour faire un résumé, nous voulons partager votre succès avec le monde entier.

at Centre d’entrepreneuriat Alphonse-Desjardins Shawinigan
1250 Avenue de la Station
Shawinigan, Canada