Making Sense Of a Slackified World

Making Sense Of a Slackified World
Event on 2017-07-26 18:30:00
Slack runs modern business. Is this always a good thing? It’s a default tool for software development, media, and even construction. At Postlight, we live our professional lives—and our personal lives!—on Slack. And whenever something becomes this powerful, and this integrated into our way of work, we think it’s important to take notice and talk about it. On Wednesday, July 26th, at 6:30 PM, we’re holding a roundtable discussion about building things inside of Slack, going beyond bots. We’ll talk for a half-hour or so and then open the discussion to everyone in the room. What should we do about, with, and on top of Slack? Is the Slackification of our working life to be welcomed or resisted?! On the panel:  Tara Jane Feener: Web Engineer at FiftyThree, led the development of their product Paste: a new class of productivity tool designed for messaging, bringing visual collaboration to Slack. Nam Nguyen: GM at GIPHY overseeing the company's growth and success on getting people ALL THE GIFs!  Greg Leuch: Head of Product and R&D at Poncho where he is responsible for teaching Poncho many tricks to become one of the best-known conversational chat bots. With moderator Isaiah Green:  Product Manager on Slack’s Search, Learning and Intelligence (SLI) team, where he focuses on building an intelligent layer on top of Slack to make life simpler, more pleasant and more productive for its users. ALL ARE WELCOME 

at Postlight
101 5th Avenue , 10th Floor
New York, United States

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