Q&A: is web design still big business or too saturated?

Question by flowlikedat: is web design still big business or too saturated?
there are loads of companies offering web design. is it worth opening up an office and company offering web design.graphic design etc etc? is it too late?

do you think there is still money to be made? i think those who needed websites..already have them right?

new companies are the target then..but they might go to someone who is local or already established online..e.g. no.1 search result on google.

what do you think?

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Answer by King P
Don’t bank everything on web design. Offer a broad range of products. Look at what the big guys (or local guys) offer. You offer AT LEAST the same, but then offer things that are unique to you. For instance, offer a 10% discount on services to a client if they refer another client to you.

Companies do still need a web presence for the most part. Your small businesses (less than 75 employees is my estimate) are the ones you need to target, because they most likely don’t have someone savvy enough to get them on with a big guy, and then to do all the design work in house.

There is always room for a GOOD web designer. The market may be saturated, but if you’re good and ethical, people will come back to you AND will refer you to their peers.

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3 Commentsto Q&A: is web design still big business or too saturated?

Q&A: is web design still big business or too saturated?
  1. JackFrost_205 says:

    I would say that the need is there. A presence is a marketing tool for a company and every company needs to market.

    Customization and Service is a differentiation that would make a web designer stand out. Also, offering specailized skills, such as server-side (or client) programming provides flexibility.

  2. just "JR" says:

    The market IS saturated… by amateurs and IDE users, Dreamweaver, Drupal or Joomla!
    GOOD designers are very rare.
    GOOD coders are even rarer.
    Too many people enter into web “design” (meaning “development” as well) without any experience, nor in Design, nor in Marketing, nor in Coding. I have seen too many new entrepreneurs launching a “Web Design” company, investing their last penny/cent, only to discover that their three weeks course on Dreamweaver is NOT enough to bring the to the top. I have seen to many going belly up.
    EVEN excellent designers/coders have very hard time finding work, when competing with these new-commers who cut prices below any reasonnable value, the other problem being that clients are now convinced that it is possible to make a complex social network in two weeks, for a mere 200$ .

    THAT is what you will have to fight!

    But there will always be a need for QUALIFIED people, and, as the web is getting more complex by the day, hopefully, amateurs will be weeded out over the years, finally leaving room for the pros.

    Clients don’t go local anymore either: I live in Portugal, I develop applications for ever cardinal point of Earth… and none here 🙂 However, I select my clients on the grounds of seriousness, ability to SELL, ability to pay, and ability to LISTEN to professional advices. “Don’t tell me how I should code – or code it yourself, moron!”

  3. Ruan Caiman says:

    Web designer is still in demand, but check out the growth in social media (which requires a similar skill set):


    Also trending upward in tech: virtualization, cloud computing, and others, try putting in your own.

    At any rate, these stats can be subject to your local market. Use job metasearch sites like indeed.com or simplyhired.com to look at trends and openings in your area.

    EDIT: On re-reading answers, JR has good advice. And that’s true that there are a lot of Joomla and Drupal sites out there, but at least it’s not nuke anymore!