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What is the best place to advertise a small interiro design firm?

Question by me_mommy: What is the best place to advertise a small interiro design firm?
I have graduated from college, and I also have a new baby, so I thought the best thing would be to start my own firm. I know I shouldn’t expect a great deal of business especially in this economy, just enogh work every now and then to make some extra money. My husband works that’s why I say extra money.
yellowpages ?
community website?

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Answer by Professor Wonderful
Do you have the capital to invest in all three?

The Yellow Pages is probably the worst of the worst.
If you decide to do this anyway, use a different phone number. Reason: If you cannot afford to keep paying the horrible monthly fees, you may have to have a way out of a poor decision. Thus, you can drop the extra phone number – – – the one you are advertising in the phone book.

Direct mail may be expensive, but it will allow you the opportunity to discover if you can run a business. Many people who can do a tast (e.g., design, dentistry, dariy delivery, whatever…) are people who cannot run a business. It is much more difficult to run a business than it is to do the task.

A newspaper covers a wide area for which you will have to pay. Most of you customers will probably come within one mile of your location.
Be careful of investing in an ad that goes to people who will NEVER become a customer. You pay for all their circulation.

Remember the Seven P’s of the Armed Forces of the USA:
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pathetically Poor Performance.

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What’s the best way of starting a career as a graphic/web designer?

Question by Molly: What’s the best way of starting a career as a graphic/web designer?
I got a 1-year certificate in web design 5 years ago and also have a one year experience in web design.

I have decided to get back in that field but don’t know what’s the best way to start.

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Answer by emailtastesfunny
Well, the best way of getting into the field is by putting together a great portfolio. Emphasis on GREAT. I’ve spent the last 5 years as an art director for a newspaper, occasionaly I’ll get portfolios sent to me and I have to say…I’m astonished at how horrible the work sent to me is.

I’m not trying to slam graphic designers here…what I’m trying to say from an art directors perspective- if you put together a kick butt portfolio you’re going to be seen and remembered. When you read articles about the graphic design industry you’ll see that they mention that competition is pretty intense. Not really, I really believe many people get into the graphic design industry is because they see it as ‘easy’ and a fun way to make a buck. They lack any real passion and zeal for design. The majority of portfolios I seen during our last hiring phase were from these people (about 20). However, I received 3 that really showed that they took time perfecting their presentation. What really impressed me about their portfolios was that each took an idea that could have been accomplished more simply but they took the time to think up some great, creative soloutions.

Choosing between the 3 was tough. Finally, I chose the one with the least experience but came with not only print designs skills but was fluent with web design also.

Trust me, putting together your portfolio will be the toughest thing about your new job. I know from experience. Expect sleepless nights, discouragement, depression, frustration….but eventually when you start to feel pride, excited, and confident, you’ll know your portfolio is ready. Go get ’em.

Best of luck!

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What is the best solution to accept audio uploads to my website?

Question by bham_guy331: What is the best solution to accept audio uploads to my website?
I am currently in the design mode of my transcription service website that I am starting. I know how to design a website, but I am not sure how to accept audio uploads. This is how I want it to work. When a customer wants to use my service, they will be required to upload the audio they want transcribed when they are going through the checkout process. How can I do this? Is there any program I can use that will help me to do this? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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Answer by joyy J
view this guide:)

How to make a website like YouTube?
Online Flash videos are more and more popular nowadays. Whenever you surf on the Internet, you will face various video clips about news, interesting home videos, MTV, or whatever. Thus bring the booming period of video-sharing websites, such as Google Video, Myspace, Metacafe, Dailymotion, iFilm, Music, eVideoShare, StreetFire, etc. The most popular among these is no doubt YouTube. But have you ever thought of making a web like YouTube? Is it difficult, and how?

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