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Coding in HTML and CSS for designers crash course (by professional designer with over 15 years of experience)

Coding in HTML and CSS for designers crash course (by professional designer with over 15 years of experience)
Event on 2019-01-18 13:00:00
Basic coding in HTML and CSS. An insightful, hands-on & affordable 1-day course run by a professional designer with 15+ years of experience: Basic coding skills for web and mobile, which are extremely beneficial to understand how to design products, which can be efficiently implemented and speak the same language with software developers. You'll leave with plenty of knowledge on how to create basic layout in HTML (including responsive mobile website) and apply styling using CSS. introduction into coding for designers HTML basics CSS basics creating responsive layout inspecting websites in-browser working with developers book recommendations lots of QnA Everyone's welcome: Suitable for complete beginners with no previous experience, as well as those who have already started exploring UX & UI design and want to spruce up their skills. Whether you're designing your own app, looking to improve your design skills or change your career — we are here to help you. UX & UI designers graphic designers software developers web designers product owners project managers business analysts marketing specialists startup founders students Who runs it: This course is run by a professional UX & UI designer Sergei Golubev with 15+ years of experience working with Microsoft, Heathrow, British Gas and numerous startups. He founded The School of UX and The UX Conference in London. What our students say: "Perfect point-of-entry to UX. A simple, clear and straight-forward course."★★★★★ "Great design tips and ideas. Tutor has wide & great experience in the field of UI & UX. A real expert."★★★★★ "I learned a lot. I have attended a lot of full-day design training courses which are too high-level and practical details about UX are not discussed. After watching only 30 mins of your video, I was able to apply it to my job straightaway."★★★★★ "The School of UX sessions have really helped me to understand more about what UX is and isn't and also how it fits in with the whole life cycle of building products. The case studies and examples discussed in the classes really helped to get an understanding of how these principles can be applied to real world projects. I'd highly recommend these courses to anyone with an interest in learning more about UX!"★★★★★ Where: The course will run at School of UX in Canada Water Library, just opposite Canada Water tube station on Jubilee Line (2 stops away from London Bridge). Questions? Just email us on

at School of UX
21 Surrey Quays Road
London, United Kingdom

Introduction to Big Data Hadoop 1-Day Course, London

Introduction to Big Data Hadoop 1-Day Course, London
Event on 2018-12-14 11:00:00
Course Outline The problem space and example applications Why don’t traditional approaches scale?  Requirements Hadoop Background Hadoop History The ecosystem and stack: HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Pig…  Cluster architecture overview  Development Environment  ————————————————————————————————-Hadoop distribution and basic commands Eclipse development HDFS Introduction The HDFS command line and web interfaces The HDFS Java API (lab) MapReduce Introduction Key philosophy: move computation, not data Core concepts: Mappers, reducers, drivers The MapReduce Java API (lab) Real-World MapReduce Optimizing with Combiners and Partitioners (lab) More common algorithms: sorting, indexing and searching (lab) Testing with MRUnit Higher-level Tools Patterns to abstract “thinking in MapReduce” The Cascading library (practical) § The Hive database (practical) 

at BCS
5 Southampton Street
Covent Garden, United Kingdom

Email Marketing Campaigns Course New York EB

Email Marketing Campaigns Course New York EB
Event on 2018-10-21 17:00:00  is recommended by Boston Globe for our webinars/online courses. Click here for details. or directly to Video click here. Email Marketing Campaigns Course ​Learn how to create an email marketing campaign and review the statistics in 1 hour or less. Engage with your customers or prospective customers using a quick and efficient method that allows you to track the effort. This course is designed for busy individuals who need online marketing solutions without investing a lot of time. You will learn and apply immediately. By the end of this course, you will have a finished product. Imagine connecting to thousands of customers or prospects at once by running an effective email marketing campaign. Learning how to create a professional email template. Selecting between various types of email campaigns to use, including a campaign that is decided by the recipients (A/B). Imagine a way to determine if your email was read and if they went to your website. Learning how to use social media with an email campaign. Review other options offered by the email marketing software program, including Responsive and Autoresponders. Learning how to use your results to plan a strategy. Gaining a connection to a low cost method for blasting your business online. This course is a plus for someone who is working with a low budget. You can literally be up and running with little out of pocket.  We offer live demonstrations and a video library. If you like learning hands-on, then you will benefit from this course.  The live course is structured in a step-by-step email campaign creation order. This makes it much easier to retain what you learn.  We also use non-technical jargon. It's easy to understand and grasp the concepts. Dates & online class time:Offered daily. Anytime. Zarlun also offers the following courses (click on course to learn more): Small Business Online Marketing Bootcamp – learn how to fully market your business online. Web Design Course – learn how to create a website for your business. e-commerce Web Design Course – learn how to sell and market your products online. How to Make an Online Commercial – make a rockin online commercial for your business! Low Cost Internet Advertising – blast your business online to get as many customers as possible. Branding & Maximizing Your Online Visibility – a successful marketing strategy includes branding your business. Online Reputation Management – techniques to manage your reputation online (bad reviews, unwanted details about your business, private details, etc.) Internet Marketing Plan Course – learn how to develop a strategy for your online marketing, includes resources to help you be successful with digital advertising. Click here for full Course Catalog Hidden Discount.  Take 10% of Weebly website. Refer to for all course details and policies. Credits:  Email Marketing means Ecommerce Websites and Websites by Stuart Miles

at New York, New York, United States
New York, New York, United States
New York, United States

Project Impact Evaluation Course

Project Impact Evaluation Course
Event on 2018-09-24 09:00:00
Event Date: 24th – 28th September 2018
Register online to attend:
Organizer: Foscore Development Center
Course fee: $ 1,000, Ksh 70,000

The course will cover econometric impact evaluation theory and empirical methods for measuring the impact of development programs (including randomization, difference-in-differences, regression discontinuity, and propensity score matching). It will combine theory and practice. The primary objectives of the course is to provide participants with the skills to understand the value and practice of impact evaluation within development economics, design and implement impact evaluations and act as critical consumers of impact evaluations.

5 Days

Course Objective:
By identifying if project is working or not, impact evaluation will assist accountability function. This course is aligned with results based management and monitoring.

Who should attend?
This course targets Project Management Officials from NGO’s, National Statistics Offices, Education Researchers, Government ministries, National Institutes and Planning Ministries, Central banks, and University Researchers among others.

Course content
• Introduction
• Counterfactual
• Purpose of impact evaluation
• When to undertake impact evaluation

• Establishing the program theory
• Selecting the evaluation approach
• Designing the baseline survey
• Options when there is no baseline
• Impact evaluation using secondary data
• The role of qualitative information
• Triangulation
• Generalizations from specific impact evaluations

• Terms of reference
• Data sources
• Time and cost
• Peer review

General Notes
• All our courses can be Tailor-made to participants needs
• The participant must be conversant with English
• Presentations are well guided, practical exercise, web based tutorials and group work. Our facilitators are expert with more than 10years of experience.
• Upon completion of training the participant will be issued with Foscore development center certificate (FDC-K)
• Training will be done at Foscore development center (FDC-K) center in Nairobi Kenya. We also offer more than five participants training at requested location within Kenya, more than ten participant within east Africa and more than twenty participant all over the world.
• Course duration is flexible and the contents can be modified to fit any number of days.
• The course fee includes facilitation training materials, 2 coffee breaks, buffet lunch and a Certificate of successful completion of Training. Participants will be responsible for their own travel expenses and arrangements, airport transfers, visa application dinners, health/accident insurance and other personal expenses.
• Accommodation, pickup, freight booking and Visa processing arrangement, are done on request, at discounted prices.
• One year free Consultation and Coaching provided after the course.
• Register as a group of more than two and enjoy discount of (10% to 50%) plus free five hour adventure drive to the National game park.
• Payment should be done two week before commence of the training, to FOSCORE DEVELOPMENT CENTER account, so as to enable us prepare better for you.

• For any enquiry at: or +254712260031

• Website:

• Training Venue: The Clarion Hotel, Nairobi Kenya

• View course content and register as individual or group –

• View Monitoring and Evaluation courses calendar 2018-2019 –

• View All Courses calendar 2018-2019 –

• Course Fee: USD 1,000, Ksh 70,000

at Foscore Development Center

Nairobi, Kenya

Chesapeake – 3 Day ASP Home Stager Business Course

Chesapeake – 3 Day ASP Home Stager Business Course
Event on 2018-08-20 09:00:00
Join the Hottest Profession in Real Estate! This three day intensive Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) Training Business Course is for home-based professionals who want to start, build and run a profitable Staging business or for professionals interested in adding the ASP® designation and Staging services as part of their current real estate, home redecorating or design business. You will receive expert instruction from a curriculum based on proven Staging methodology and techniques refined over decades of time tested research. Your class will be led by a® ASP Certified Trainer. You will learn state-of-the-art Staging techniques from the pros, and then have the opportunity to put it into practice by Staging a "real" house as a group project (day two). Then you will invest a full days instruction on how to successfully start, build, run, and operate your own Staging business (day three). After your three days of detailed and extensive ASP® Home Staging Training, you will graduate with thousands of dollars worth of reference materials and Home Staging tools to start your business off right!  You will become Accredited, Certified, and Designated as an ASP® upon your ASP® Graduation. is the only Home Staging Training Company that Accredits THE STUDENT.  Our graduates are Accredited, Certified and Designated as ASPs.  Curriculum by Jennie Norris, ASPM, IAHSP-Premier, President & CEO,, Chairwoman, IAHSP International, Curriculum developed by Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®, The Creator of Home Staging® and the Home Staging Industry Founder of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP® Day 1: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Learn How to Educate Your Clients and the Real Estate Agents You Work with and Meet Day 1 is in a classroom environment where you will learn the details of the ASP® proven program of successful working practices. You will learn why and how to set Professional Policies of how to work with your clients.  You will learn the 3 proven ASP® Steps of service for your clients and all the key points of each step.  You will also learn how to educate your clients so that they can understand and value the Staging services that you will perform for them. You will learn how to use Staging as a marketing tool and a communication tool to acquire more business. Communication is crucial to your Staging success!  Staging Talent is one thing, but learning how to get your sellers and Real Estate agents to do what you share with them is another thing indeed.  You can be the greatest Stager in the world, but if you are not able to educate your clients on the benefits of Staging then they probably will not Stage® their home or listing with you. Therefore, your ASP® Course is very detailed on day one of how to communicate with your clients and RE Agents so that they say ‘yes’. We teach you how to educate your sellers to do whatever is required to Stage® their home. Staging many times is the easy part. Convincing the seller can be the hard part. On day one you will learn what to say and how to say it so that your sellers move ahead with you.  You will learn the ASP® Steps of Staging and helpful Home Staging Sayings. You will learn the ASP® service code and creed and the ASP® steps of serving clients the ASP® way which is the proven system that works!  Day One is the foundation for the also crucial 2 days to follow and it is the foundation of your entire ASP® Staging Business. Day 2: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Staging Day! Experience the "Magic" of Transforming an actual Home with ASP® Staging! In the morning of Day 2 of your ASP® Course, you will learn about the resources available to you through the Staging University.  You will have detailed classroom training on how to Stage® a house in the different rooms that most homes have. Your ASP® course shows you that ASP® Staging is not about just "buying things" but rather and also how to work with what the homeowner has in ‘lived in homes’ and how to use your creativity to do the best possible work to serve your clients in the best possible way. There are before and after pictures/slides to see as examples of what can be done working with just what the seller has in the lived in home. The use of Color and current color trends are taught.  Vacant ASP® Home Staging will be discussed in detail of course too showing how to Stage modest houses to multi-million dollar properties. You will see not only plenty of before and after’ examples but you will learn Staging Ideas, advice on materials to use, crucial Staging Concepts, and creative problem solving! Then in the afternoon, you and your entire class will go to a home that is on the market or coming on the market for sale and you will actually Stage® a lived-in home for ASP® hands-on Staging Experience either doing a hands-on Staging or a consultation exercise. This is not only fun but a very enlightening, educational, empowering, experience that will empower you and help you build confidence in your ability to Stage®. You will be responsible, in a small team of ASP®’s from the ASP® Class, to Stage® at least one room in the house during the afternoon as an important part of the ASP® Course.  Each team does a different room.  You learn also from what other teams have done creatively as well. This experience allows you to immediately put to use the ASP® Staging Concepts you learned in your ASP® class.  Day 3: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Learn how to Build, Grow, and Run a successful Professional ASP® Home Staging Business!  On day three, we present a very intensive session of how to: *Price your ASP® Home Staging Business Services *Set up and grow your own inventory, *How to charge for your inventory rentals *How to market your Staging Business and how to market to different market segments *How to work with Real Estate Agents and the public *Business Planning and Goal Setting *The multiple streams of income you can make and receive as an ASP® Home Stager *Stage® the Traditional Sellers Home *Stage® Vacant Properties *Staging Investor Properties *Other Market Niches for your Business *You will also learn how to prepare and present your bids and proposals as you are asked to Stage® a home and the steps involved in doing Bids and Proposals *How to conduct, prepare, and present a Home Staging Consultation to the seller and/or agent and the steps involved in Consultations *The Difference between a Bid and a Consultation * This intensive full day session is very powerful and filled to the brim with critical information to teach you how to open, build, run, and grow your ASP® Home Staging business.   *ASP Stagers must stay until 5:30 and complete the course in order to receive their designation.  (Please do not make travel plans that will interfere with completing the course) ASP® Course Offerings: Here are all of the great tools and services that you will receive upon graduation as an ASP® Home Staging Professional: You will earn the ASP® Stager Designation and become listed FREE on the internet's #1 top rated Staging website* Directory,® You may post your ASP® Portfolio of previously Staged Houses FREE on the® web site so that your potential Staging clients can view the Homes that you have already previously Staged* You may post your ASP® Staged Houses FREE that are currently for sale on the® Property Search so buyers can view the Staged homes that are for sale* You will be given an ASP® Stager Profile FREE where you share information for the public and Real Estate Agents to see and read about you* You will have your own ASP® Website Feature Page FREE: a powerful mini website on the® #1 rated web site*.  This allows others to learn even more about your ASP® services and you* A detailed ASP® Stager Training Manual and many additional ASP® Stager supplemental materials A Marketing Book full of valuable information to help you effectively Market your business to target clients Hands on experience of Staging an actual home that is on or going on the market for sale which is a fun, educational, and very empowering learning opportunity and experience for you Access to The One and Only Online Staging University® in the world, containing hundreds of pages of business templates, forms, and other support materials for your Staging business* Exclusive Promotions, Discounts and Offers available only to ASPs® and your clients such as Sears® with up to 50% off* Licensing of the official Stage® Trademark* ASP® Course Certificate of completion One year complimentary membership in the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®)* (0 value) Continuing Education Hours of additional ASP® Staging Education available to you, for a nominal fee, upon graduation to further your ASP® Business and Designation as your business grows* *Requires yearly ASP® membership renewal and yearly acceptance and adherence to the ASP® Stager Course Agreement.  Click HERE to read ASP Home Stager Course Agreement.  By paying for this course you agree to the ASP Home Stager Course Agreement.  Click HERE to read the ASP Home Stager CE Course Agreement.  By paying for this course you agree to the terms and conditions in the ASP Home Stager CE Course Agreement. Accredited Staging Professional®, ASP®, ASPM®, STAGE®, IAHSP®  are all Federally Registered Trademarks of Barb, Inc., d/b/a®.  “The Creator of Home Staging”®  is a Federally Registered Trademark of Barb Schwarz.     FAQs  Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? The age requirements are 18 years and older but we are able to make an exception for a minor of minimum age of 16 as long as the parent or legal guardian signs the Staging Agreement and notification to allow minor to attend the 3 Day Staging Course.  What can I bring into the event? You want to bring a notebook to take notes.  You will receive a handout in class and full course outline emailed to you once you complete the 2 DAY ASP Course.  You can bring snacks and if you have special dietary restrictions, please bring your own food. has a policy of no laptops, ipads, cell phones, or other devices in use during the class.  We do take breaks in order to allow you to check messages and make phone calls.  How can I contact the organizer with any questions? You can call 800-392-7161 or email   What's the refund policy? ·   CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY:   No refunds on purchased tickets.  You can reschedule your ASP® Course prior to the course start date at no charge.  You have 6 months to transfer to a new course and we allow 1 transfer.  A credit for tuition paid will be applied towards the new ASP® Course registration and any additional fees would apply. For questions please contact at 800-392-7161 or email   ·  ASP® Designation and IAHSP® Membership – require annual renewal dues in order to continue their use.  This begins one year after graduating from the ASP® Course.  First year of membership dues are included with your tuition. ·  ASP® Real Estate Agents (2 day registration only) – You will agree that you will NOT charge for Staging services without upgrading and taking the full 3 day ASP Stager course  

at Alpha College of Real Estate
638 Independence Parkway, Suite 100
Chesapeake, United States

Learn VMware Certification Course Professionally

Learn VMware Certification Course Professionally
Event on 2018-05-18 08:00:00
Mindmajix VMware Training makes you an expert in concepts like Vmware Fault Tolerance (FT), Vmware VSphere CLI, Network IO Control, VSphere Storage Appliance (VSA), VSphere Web Client, and VSphere Distributed Virtual Switch (Dvswitch)….etc.

Why This Course?

Avg. Salary for VMware Developer: ,167 PA.
VMware has a market share of about 0.5%
Used by top industries across various business Verticals Ex: EMC, Colt Group S.A., Trend Micro, Zones, Inc….etc.


Packaging and Versions
Cloud Computing

at New York, NY, USA
New York, NY, USA
Dallas, United States

SharePoint Online/2016 Power End User 4-Day Course, Hobart

SharePoint Online/2016 Power End User 4-Day Course, Hobart
Event on 2018-04-23 09:30:00
Course: SP2016PEU Duration: 4 Days Microsoft Course: 55215  Overview This course delivers the complete site owner story from start to finish in an engaging and practical way to ensure you have the confidence to plan and create new sites or manage your existing sites, whether you're using SharePoint Online through Office 365, or SharePoint 2016 on-premises. Your goal is to learn how to make SharePoint relevant to your team by using a sites functionality to help you share information and collaborate with your colleagues. During the class you will also learn best practices and ‘what not to do’ as you watch live, interactive demonstrations and put theory into practice with hands on exercises. Module List Module 1: An Introduction to SharePoint 2016 Module 2: Creating Sites Module 3: Creating and Managing Web Pages Module 4: Defining Business Information and Retention Module 5: Adding and Configuring Apps Module 6: Building Processes with Workflow Module 7: Customising Security Module 8: Communicating with Social Tools Module 9: Working with Search Module 10: Building Business Scenarios Module 1: An Introduction to SharePoint 2016 Let’s get started with SharePoint 2016 by letting you know about its fantastic selection of features. We will demonstrate popular uses of SharePoint 2016 to manage and share content, create engaging web page, automate business processes and make good business decisions with Business intelligence. We will also discuss who will be the typical users in our sites and the role of the site collection administrator. Site Owners are trusted with functionality that in other business systems would normally only be available to developers. As a new Site Owner we’re sure that you will be amazed with the potential that SharePoint 2016 has to offer an end user. Topics Covered An Overview of SharePoint 2016 Central Repository for Information Web Content Management Team Collaboration Search Social Computing Workflows Business Intelligence SharePoint Versions Roles in SharePoint Site Visitors Site Members Site Owners Site Collection Administrator Farm Administrator Security Trimming Module 2: Creating Sites Whether you are managing existing sites or you have not yet started, we will complement your current situation by discussing site hierarchy and planning your SharePoint sites.As a site owner you will be presented with a selection of site templates. You will use a variety of popular site templates to develop an enhanced understanding of each sites function and appropriate use. Once your site is ready, we will then change the look and feel of your site. You can even try applying your business brand to your test site. We will also build our navigation bar, a simple but powerful way to help users move between websites. Topics Covered An Introduction to Site Topology        When to Create a Site and Where?   How to Create a New Site      Site Templates                  Team Sites                 Project Sites       Blog Sites       Community Sites       Publishing Sites Navigating SharePoint Sites Applying Custom Themes to a Site Building the Site Navigation Bar Deleting Sites Recovering Deleted Sites Module 3: Creating and Managing Web Pages SharePoint boasts a rich selection of ways to build web pages. You will learn how to update the home page of your SharePoint site with text, links, images, videos and web parts. We will also show you best practices when creating multiple pages and linking them together. In most site templates, creating and managing web pages is a simple, fast and rewarding way to present essential information and apps.SharePoint can also be used as an Intranet for internal news and information as well as a public facing website. Due to the high visibility of these web sites, it is common to place more control over the release of new web pages or updates to existing pages. For this reason, SharePoint has Publishing Sites. Topics Covered Introducing Wiki Pages           Adding Wiki Pages      Adding Rich Content to Wiki Pages    Promoted Links           Adding and Modifying Web Parts      Deleting Wiki Pages   Introducing the Publishing Site Create and Edit Publishing Pages Using Page Layouts Web Page Metadata Site Collection Images Renditions Reusable Content Web Page Approval Scheduling Pages Module 4: Defining Business Information & Retention Traditionally teams make use of file templates or manual processes to ensure information is collected and retained correctly. In this module we will help your team establish reusable file templates and automate business processes. An example of this would be removing old unwanted content from your site automatically.To achieve this you will learn about a variety of SharePoint features including content types, policies and in-place records management. Topics Covered Managed Metadata Service   An Introduction to Content Types       Create & Manage Content Types       Content Type Settings Using Content Types in Apps  The Content Type Hub Deploying Content Types Information Management Policies The Records Center The Content Organizer Document IDs In Place Records Management Module 5: Adding and Configuring Apps Apps are required to store information such as events, contacts and files in a site. SharePoint provides a selection of apps for different scenarios, all with the option to be customised for a specific business requirement. Apps can be broken down into Lists, Libraries and Market Place Apps. In SharePoint 2016 lists serve as the structure for calendars, discussion boards, contacts, and tasks. This module explains the concept of lists, and then reviews popular options. A document library is a location on a site where you can create, collect, update, and share files including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. We will show you the benefits of using a library and teach you how best to work with files in a library. An introduction to on premises and SharePoint Marketplace apps is provided to show how to extend site functionality beyond what Microsoft has provided in the SharePoint 2016 platform.Finally, this module provides an essential overview of the Microsoft products which are most commonly used in conjunction with SharePoint 2016 and discusses the advantages of each program when combined with SharePoint. Topics Covered Adding List & Library Apps     Managing List & Library Settings       Create and Manage App Columns      Adding Site Columns  Create and Manage Public Views      Working with Document Sets Creating App Templates         Office 2016 Integration with SharePoint Apps* On Premises Apps      SharePoint Marketplace Apps            Popular List & Library Templates Add, Modify, Upload, and Delete Content in Apps Sort and Filter Content Personal Views Using Alerts in Apps * Office Integration Integration with Microsoft Office      Co-Authoring   Outlook 2016  SharePoint Designer 2013 InfoPath Designer 2013 OneDrive for Business Module 6: Building Processes with Workflows Workflows are a powerful efficiency tool which can be used to organise and track process driven tasks including approval processes. Workflows will be demonstrated using real world examples. You will be given the opportunity to build workflows and review workflow progress. Also covered is an introduction to Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 and third party workflow tools. Topics Covered An Introduction to Workflows            Workflow Scenarios   Creating Workflows    Configuring Workflow Settings          Adding Workflows Removing Workflows Third Party Workflow Tools Module 7: Customising Security Security is an important element of any site. You will see instructor-led demonstrations of the best practises for adding and removing colleagues from your site and defining their level of access. As a site owner, you can customise permission levels. This means that you can create levels of access that are aligned with the responsibilities of your sites users. An example of this would be allowing a group of users the ability to upload content but not delete content. Topics Covered An Introduction to Security     Access Requests         Share Sites and Files  Approving Access Requests    Creating Permission Levels    Creating Groups How Inheriting Security Works Securing Apps, Folders, Files/Items Managed Metadata Security OneDrive Security Module 8: Communicating with Social Tools This module covers a new and evolving culture change in the way that we work with business information. Social features are an engaging way for users to collaborate. The variety of social tools available to you is overwhelming. You will learn the differences between each of these tools and when to use them. Topics Covered An Introduction to Social Tools          Updating your Profile Blog Sites        Newsfeeds      Community Sites Community Portal Skype for Business Module 9: Working with Search SharePoint provides the ability to store vast amounts of content in a variety of locations. This module covers a set of tools which help you to efficiently locate the information you need. Topics Covered Searching in SharePoint 2016 Refinements   Search Criteria            People Search How Search Works Promoted Results Search Web Parts How Can Search be Customised? Module 10: Building Business Scenarios During the class you have seen, discussed and tested many SharePoint components. Before you head home, now is your chance to connect these building blocks together and create an entire SharePoint site based on a real world scenario. This is an opportunity to test yourself and ask questions of your instructor. SharePoint Training SharePoint Training Hobart SharePoint 2016 Training

at Wrest Point Casino
410 Sandy Bay Road
Hobart, Australia

FileMaker Training Course Toronto (Introduction to Scripting)

FileMaker Training Course Toronto (Introduction to Scripting)
Event on 2017-04-27 09:00:00
FileMaker Pro: Introduction to Scripting (2 Day Course) FileMaker Pro® Versions: 14 | 15 (other versions on request) Dates: April 27/28, 2017 | July 5/6, 2017 | Check for more dates Location: Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada Delivery Method: Instructor-led classroom training This course is designed for FileMaker users with little or no scripting experience who wish to automate their databases and capture and control user actions within a robust solution. Participants will create, edit, save and run scripts to automate repetitive actions and to perform processes that are difficult for users to perform manually. Various types of script triggers will be explored and students will create complex scripts with multiple steps and conditions using many different examples. Participants will learn to have scripts run automatically on start up and when closing a database and to trigger scripts automatically through user actions. Debugging and error handling strategies will also be reviewed. Best practices will be discussed throughout the course and resources for further study will be provided. The benefits of FileMaker Pro Advanced will be reviewed briefly. Course details Duration: 2 days (9 am – 4 pm) Course location: Toronto Star Building, 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Course Fee: 5 CDN per person + HST or BYOD (bring your own device): 5 CDN person + HST Key topics Topics include: Overview of scripting in FileMaker Planning scripts Using the Script Workspace Creating scripts Naming scripts Adding steps to a script Script parameters Adding comments Scripting imports and exports Exiting vs. halting scripts Running scripts Attaching a script to a button Dealing with errors Editing scripts Editing a script Duplicating a script Adding script steps Organizing scripts Specifying script privileges Using triggers to run scripts Overview of triggers Running a script based on a trigger Running a script on starting up or shutting down a database Calculations in scripts Scripts with conditions, variables and looping Adding conditions to scripts Script logic and conditional branching Inserting an If/Else statement in a script Script variables Script globals Looping scripts VIEW FULL COURSE OUTLINE Who will benefit This course has been designed for FileMaker users who have completed FileMaker Intermediate / Advanced training or have equivalent FileMaker skills. Can I bring my own device? Absolutely! If you choose to bring your own device, you will receive a reduced rate. Be sure to bring a power cord and a mouse is helpful. What's included Included in this course: Comprehensive course manual Keyboard shortcuts quick reference Sample and exercise files Refreshments (for classes conducted in Avantix Learning classrooms) Certificate of completion Follow-up email support FileMaker Pro training series Other courses in this series include: FileMaker Pro: Introduction FileMaker Pro: Intermediate / Advanced VIEW ALL COURSES About Avantix Learning courses Avantix Learning offers live instructor-led classroom (ILC) courses allowing personal interaction between the students and the instructor. We specialize in small classes, typically ranging from 6 to 8 students to ensure an optimal student to instructor ratio. Public courses are offered in downtown Toronto at 1 Yonge Street (Toronto Star Building), Suite 1801, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our top-notch instructors have years of experience in the business world and students are encouraged to ask questions during our courses. Avantix Learning senior instructors have 15 or more years of experience. A complete profile of the instructor leading a specific course is available on request. Questions? Have a question? Email us at You can also find information about all of our courses on our web site at Refunds/Cancellations We understand that your plans may change. Check out our refund policy for information regarding refunds and transfers. FileMaker, FileMaker Go and the file folder logo are registered trademarks of FileMaker, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Group of Companies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

at Toronto
1801-1 Yonge Street
Toronto, Canada