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RDH – Certified Responsive Design Hero, Köln

RDH – Certified Responsive Design Hero, Köln
Event on 2016-12-05 09:00:00
Was Sie erwartet Das Thema »Responsive Web Design« bewegt wie Web-­Szene nun bereits seit einigen Jahren. Doch unter »responsive« verstehen sowohl Kunden als auch Agenturen oft lediglich die Optimierung einer Website für Smartphones und Tablets. In Wahrheit ist Responsive Web Design eine neue Philosophie im Web Design und erfordert ein Umdenken bei Kunden, Kundenberatern, Konzeptionern, Projektleitern, Designern und Entwicklern. Worum es geht Erfolgreiche responsive Projekte werden interdisziplinär umgesetzt. Jeder Projekt-Mitarbeiter muss daher verstehen was die Kollegen machen und in welchen Bereichen sich Schwierigkeiten ergeben. Kundenberater und Projektleiter wiederum bilden die Schnittstelle zum Kunden und müssen dafür sorgen, dass der Kunde die Vorteile des »neuen« Workflows versteht und in jeder Phase des Projekts von der Agentur geleitet wird. Was Sie lernen werden Angefangen bei den Grundlagen von Responsive Design über Layoutmuster, Touch-Screen-Optimierung und Navigationskonzepte bis hin zu konzeptionellen Ansätzen wie Mobile First und Progressive Enhancement werden Sie in diesem Seminar alle Aspekte von Responsive Design kennenlernen, ohne dabei tiefer als notwendig in die technischen Details einzusteigen. Anhand praxisorientierter Übungen lernen Sie, wo die Herausforderungen im Responsive Webdesign liegen, wie Sie Fehler in Gestaltung und Entwicklung vermeiden können und was Sie bei der Planung und Kommunikation von responsiven Websites beachten sollten. Wer teilnehmen sollte Dieses Seminar richtet sich an Konzeptioner, Designer, Projektleiter, Kundenberater und an alle Interessierten, die von konzeptioneller, strategischer und organisatorischer Seite in das Thema »Responsive Design« einsteigen möchten.

Im Mediapark 5
Köln, Germany

Q&A: is web design still big business or too saturated?

Question by flowlikedat: is web design still big business or too saturated?
there are loads of companies offering web design. is it worth opening up an office and company offering web design.graphic design etc etc? is it too late?

do you think there is still money to be made? i think those who needed websites..already have them right?

new companies are the target then..but they might go to someone who is local or already established online..e.g. no.1 search result on google.

what do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by King P
Don’t bank everything on web design. Offer a broad range of products. Look at what the big guys (or local guys) offer. You offer AT LEAST the same, but then offer things that are unique to you. For instance, offer a 10% discount on services to a client if they refer another client to you.

Companies do still need a web presence for the most part. Your small businesses (less than 75 employees is my estimate) are the ones you need to target, because they most likely don’t have someone savvy enough to get them on with a big guy, and then to do all the design work in house.

There is always room for a GOOD web designer. The market may be saturated, but if you’re good and ethical, people will come back to you AND will refer you to their peers.

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What is a reasonable expectation on an overdue web design projects?

Question by Johnny Gunns: What is a reasonable expectation on an overdue web design projects?
In early September we contracted a well known web design firm to design our transactional web site using cold fusion. They are still not done, and are saying it could take another month and a half to finish.

It’s was quoted as a low to mid five figure ($ $ ) project, was supposed to take two months, and they keep insisting that it’s “simple” .

We run a couple of companies, and have never paid for a web site to be designed, so we don’t know how long is acceptable for a web project to be overdue.

Personally, I’m pissed, and am good at raising a stink, but I don’t want to jump the gun.

Best answer:

Answer by msgquixo
I’m a web designer and a design director, and unfortunately that seems to be common in this industry, (like with building contractors). It is still unacceptable.

If you don’t yet have one, you should ask for a timeline with key milestones and deliverables. If they delay from the timeline there should be a good reason to back it up.

Keep in mind that there may have been delays on your side which could have contributed this situation. We count on our clients to meet certain dates to deliver content and design reviews. And we certainly prefer to keep moving quickly through a project — it is much more cost effective. But when one of our clients delays, we have to move on to other projects. These delays are common as it is hard for a company to write all of the content for a website and make all the decisions that are required. Also, while it is expensive, web design is very time consuming and competitive. We have to book ourselves very solidly and can’t devote all of our resources to a single project.

I feel for you, I know it can be very frustrating. But hopefully you will be very happy in a few short weeks.

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What is the best place to advertise a small interiro design firm?

Question by me_mommy: What is the best place to advertise a small interiro design firm?
I have graduated from college, and I also have a new baby, so I thought the best thing would be to start my own firm. I know I shouldn’t expect a great deal of business especially in this economy, just enogh work every now and then to make some extra money. My husband works that’s why I say extra money.
yellowpages ?
community website?

Best answer:

Answer by Professor Wonderful
Do you have the capital to invest in all three?

The Yellow Pages is probably the worst of the worst.
If you decide to do this anyway, use a different phone number. Reason: If you cannot afford to keep paying the horrible monthly fees, you may have to have a way out of a poor decision. Thus, you can drop the extra phone number – – – the one you are advertising in the phone book.

Direct mail may be expensive, but it will allow you the opportunity to discover if you can run a business. Many people who can do a tast (e.g., design, dentistry, dariy delivery, whatever…) are people who cannot run a business. It is much more difficult to run a business than it is to do the task.

A newspaper covers a wide area for which you will have to pay. Most of you customers will probably come within one mile of your location.
Be careful of investing in an ad that goes to people who will NEVER become a customer. You pay for all their circulation.

Remember the Seven P’s of the Armed Forces of the USA:
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pathetically Poor Performance.

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Is it worth studying animation and start working from scratch in that or keep going with the web design?

Question by Adi: Is it worth studying animation and start working from scratch in that or keep going with the web design?
I used to work as a web/graphic designer and I was very good at it, but I was always very interested in animation. So, I left my work and start studying animation but I was told that there are more jobs opportunities in web design and it is more stable work, as fare as work place instead of contracts, can someone in light the subject? Is it worth studying animation and start working from scratch in that or keep going with the web design?

Best answer:

Answer by Loresinger99
why not both? Keep going with the one from which you can generate viable income NOW, and as time allows work on the other one and develop it into a part time paying gig. I did this with writing and eventually got to do that for 15 years freelance (self employed) at home!

I think animation is great and it ties into your computer interests. Get involved with some boards / sites where animation is posted, compared, sold, etc. (I’m thinking like Daz), so you can build an audience, still have fun, and hopefully achieve success.

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Q&A: How to design a web for free and getting its domain?

Question by Franky: How to design a web for free and getting its domain?
Franky speaking I got a website to built and I got money for designing it but I really dont know any thing about the designing and web hosting. I need a suggestion what should I do know

Best answer:

Answer by Kai
the site can help you

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Q&A: What graphic design related sites are worth seeing in Europe?

Question by Evan: What graphic design related sites are worth seeing in Europe?
I’m a graphic designer and I’m going to be travelling around Europe shortly and want to visit some design (particularly graphic) sites that europe has to offer (in addition to any touristy stuff). Any recommendations as to were to go, not just graphic design but touristy stuff too I guess.
By the way I’m going to
Italy, Croatia, Czhec Republic, Netherlands, Germany,France and Spain, though I don’t mind stopping by another country if there is something worth seeing.

Best answer:

Answer by chooky
While in the Netherlands, if in Amsterdam, go to the Rijks Museum for sure…it houses the great Dutch masters and definately go to the VanGogh museum. If you are in France go to the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul, France…there you will see a unique gathering of Giacomettis, Miro, Chagall, Calder, Leger…and while your in Saint-Paul France you will be close to Nice and Monaco! (southern France)… the zip for Saint Paul France where Foundation Maeght is located is 06570 and the web for the Maeght is

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Q&A: How strong is the Web Design Job hiring?

Question by dize: How strong is the Web Design Job hiring?
Hi, im thinkin about going to a 6 months Web Design school, how would the Job hiring be after 6 mos? how bout right now? is it strong?

sorry, im new in this area.

Best answer:

Answer by Jayy T
As with anything, it depends on the economy. Nobody really wants to spend money now, and websites are often times considered ‘extra’ for a company (many business owners don’t know how much it will actually bring in). If the economy has picked up and people start to spend, it’ll probably be a pretty good position.

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Is it OK to have white & oak baseboards in the house? How do you make a smooth transition in an open design?

Question by RMB: Is it OK to have white & oak baseboards in the house? How do you make a smooth transition in an open design?
Our foyer, hallway, & dining room have oak baseboards and oak trim around the doors and the door frames. The problem is the house is an open design so the hallway goes into the kitchen and family room, sharing one of the walls. The baseboards and trim in the kitchen and family room are white. I want to keep the white baseboards in those rooms but I like the oak in the other rooms. Would white baseboards look OK butting up against oak door frames? If not, is there a way to make a smoother color transition on the shared hallway wall where oak goes into the kichen corner where the trim is white?
If I paint the trim around the door, would it look OK to leave just the door frames/jamb oak?
Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. I’m going to be putting in a new floor and when I put baseboards back up I want to do it right the first time.

Best answer:

Answer by chiara
We have white walls and an open space concept as well. The exact same situation you describe. We opted to install white base boards where needed and we painted all the doors and frames white..or replaced existing ones with white ones. Our solution was much more expensive than leaving wood doors, frames, baseboards etc., but the final effect was very nice and well worth the money.

Note: We had professional painters work with all the wood and they removed each piece, door, baseboard etc. and did all the sanding, priming and painting with appropriate “type” paints.

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How can I find someone to optimize web sites I design?

Question by How can I find someone to optimize web sites I design?
I have a small Design and Marketing firm and design some awesome websites but don’t have the time or experience to get those sites to the top of google. Is there a good seo program or any companies that do only this that could help?

Best answer:

Answer by Steve K
Advertise the website with google properly.

All Business Solutions from Google.

These will help you… you should also consider hiring a Developer that is Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Ceritified for SilverLight and web applications like AJAX that look amazing on websites. They will take your designs to a whole new level and increase your market. Developers go hand in hand with with Web Designers now…

MS Expressions Studios 2 works very well with MS Visual Studio .NET 2008 Professional. These applications are where the Design & Development pros have taken their ballgame.

Have fun with design and I wish you luck to your Success in the field.

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