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Coding in HTML and CSS for designers crash course (by professional designer with over 15 years of experience)

Coding in HTML and CSS for designers crash course (by professional designer with over 15 years of experience)
Event on 2019-01-18 13:00:00
Basic coding in HTML and CSS. An insightful, hands-on & affordable 1-day course run by a professional designer with 15+ years of experience: Basic coding skills for web and mobile, which are extremely beneficial to understand how to design products, which can be efficiently implemented and speak the same language with software developers. You'll leave with plenty of knowledge on how to create basic layout in HTML (including responsive mobile website) and apply styling using CSS. introduction into coding for designers HTML basics CSS basics creating responsive layout inspecting websites in-browser working with developers book recommendations lots of QnA Everyone's welcome: Suitable for complete beginners with no previous experience, as well as those who have already started exploring UX & UI design and want to spruce up their skills. Whether you're designing your own app, looking to improve your design skills or change your career — we are here to help you. UX & UI designers graphic designers software developers web designers product owners project managers business analysts marketing specialists startup founders students Who runs it: This course is run by a professional UX & UI designer Sergei Golubev with 15+ years of experience working with Microsoft, Heathrow, British Gas and numerous startups. He founded The School of UX and The UX Conference in London. What our students say: "Perfect point-of-entry to UX. A simple, clear and straight-forward course."★★★★★ "Great design tips and ideas. Tutor has wide & great experience in the field of UI & UX. A real expert."★★★★★ "I learned a lot. I have attended a lot of full-day design training courses which are too high-level and practical details about UX are not discussed. After watching only 30 mins of your video, I was able to apply it to my job straightaway."★★★★★ "The School of UX sessions have really helped me to understand more about what UX is and isn't and also how it fits in with the whole life cycle of building products. The case studies and examples discussed in the classes really helped to get an understanding of how these principles can be applied to real world projects. I'd highly recommend these courses to anyone with an interest in learning more about UX!"★★★★★ Where: The course will run at School of UX in Canada Water Library, just opposite Canada Water tube station on Jubilee Line (2 stops away from London Bridge). Questions? Just email us on

at School of UX
21 Surrey Quays Road
London, United Kingdom

What’s the best way of starting a career as a graphic/web designer?

Question by Molly: What’s the best way of starting a career as a graphic/web designer?
I got a 1-year certificate in web design 5 years ago and also have a one year experience in web design.

I have decided to get back in that field but don’t know what’s the best way to start.

Best answer:

Answer by emailtastesfunny
Well, the best way of getting into the field is by putting together a great portfolio. Emphasis on GREAT. I’ve spent the last 5 years as an art director for a newspaper, occasionaly I’ll get portfolios sent to me and I have to say…I’m astonished at how horrible the work sent to me is.

I’m not trying to slam graphic designers here…what I’m trying to say from an art directors perspective- if you put together a kick butt portfolio you’re going to be seen and remembered. When you read articles about the graphic design industry you’ll see that they mention that competition is pretty intense. Not really, I really believe many people get into the graphic design industry is because they see it as ‘easy’ and a fun way to make a buck. They lack any real passion and zeal for design. The majority of portfolios I seen during our last hiring phase were from these people (about 20). However, I received 3 that really showed that they took time perfecting their presentation. What really impressed me about their portfolios was that each took an idea that could have been accomplished more simply but they took the time to think up some great, creative soloutions.

Choosing between the 3 was tough. Finally, I chose the one with the least experience but came with not only print designs skills but was fluent with web design also.

Trust me, putting together your portfolio will be the toughest thing about your new job. I know from experience. Expect sleepless nights, discouragement, depression, frustration….but eventually when you start to feel pride, excited, and confident, you’ll know your portfolio is ready. Go get ’em.

Best of luck!

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Where can I find a good website designer in Lompoc, CA?

Question by Maryanna: Where can I find a good website designer in Lompoc, CA?
I need to have my website designed, I’m in Lompoc, CA and I don’t know where to find a website designer. If there is anybody out there that knows someone in the area or if you can provide those services to me please let me know.


Best answer:

Answer by JN Sites
Hi, I actually run a small website design firm that provides service for Lompoc, CA. We are actually running a special for the area you can view more about it here . I would love to work on your website for you, so please feel free to contact me you will find that information on our website.

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