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Web Developer Singapore

Web Developer Singapore
Event on 2017-10-18 11:00:00
Web Developer Singapore is your one stop web site builder.Our websites are customisable, backed up daily, anti virus and SEO friendly. Come join our session to find out more for free

at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore, Singapore

What do I need to know to become a great Web Designer/Developer & Mobile App Developer?

Question by T.A.K.: What do I need to know to become a great Web Designer/Developer & Mobile App Developer?
Hi, I am second year in Information Technology and would like to know I should start with this? I’ve become increasingly interested in these two fields as I want to be great and skilled at what I do. I will start learning these two concentrations approximately in the Spring Semester in my 3rd year(13-14) after I finish my AS general requirements which is boring, of course. I want to know if I should get a head start now? What are good resources to look at to help me get an idea of what I am going to learn as well as hands on experience if possible. I’ve done a little web design with HTML5 and CSS, but I want to learn more of this along with Javascript and PHP and other stuff that coordinates with becoming a Web Developer. I never known about Mobile App and what they do but I want to know what they teach (programming languages used) and so forth? Lastly, I heard Mobile App is either Apple on Mac or Windows on PC, can’t be both and i want to know both, but I dont have a MAC. So, yeah… any tips and more knowledge about these fields would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by Julian Smith
I had almost exact same problem as you but not nearly as in intelligent. I became a member on this website with no programming experience at all. I have made 5 applications that my friends and family have bought but I recommend getting ads on your apps because people tend to download more free apps. I recommend this website and get start asap hope it helps

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Can I become a web developer with this degree?

Question by I’mInCollegeNow: Can I become a web developer with this degree?
Can you become a web developer with a design communications degree? You have classes in photoshop and illustrator but also learn HTML and other web languages, but could you use what you know there to become a web developer?

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Answer by Rosarcmedia

The thing is though, with web development you are generally going to be hired more on your skills than your degrees. I would make sure that the school that will offer this degree has a proven track record with design. email me from this website if you have any more questions on the subject.


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