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What is the best place to advertise a small interiro design firm?

Question by me_mommy: What is the best place to advertise a small interiro design firm?
I have graduated from college, and I also have a new baby, so I thought the best thing would be to start my own firm. I know I shouldn’t expect a great deal of business especially in this economy, just enogh work every now and then to make some extra money. My husband works that’s why I say extra money.
yellowpages ?
community website?

Best answer:

Answer by Professor Wonderful
Do you have the capital to invest in all three?

The Yellow Pages is probably the worst of the worst.
If you decide to do this anyway, use a different phone number. Reason: If you cannot afford to keep paying the horrible monthly fees, you may have to have a way out of a poor decision. Thus, you can drop the extra phone number – – – the one you are advertising in the phone book.

Direct mail may be expensive, but it will allow you the opportunity to discover if you can run a business. Many people who can do a tast (e.g., design, dentistry, dariy delivery, whatever…) are people who cannot run a business. It is much more difficult to run a business than it is to do the task.

A newspaper covers a wide area for which you will have to pay. Most of you customers will probably come within one mile of your location.
Be careful of investing in an ad that goes to people who will NEVER become a customer. You pay for all their circulation.

Remember the Seven P’s of the Armed Forces of the USA:
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pathetically Poor Performance.

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