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Israeli Startups NYC 2017 Kickoff Event

Israeli Startups NYC 2017 Kickoff Event
Event on 2017-01-10 18:00:00
Israeli Startups NYC is kicking off 2017 with a BANG! As we enter our 3rd year of activity, we feel tremendous responsibility to make this year Our Biggest Year Yet!     About The Event On January 10th, Israeli Startups NYC is bringing together 4 Israeli-American tech startups, to demo their products followed by an open Q&A discussion. These funded startups, are some of the most promising Israeli-American tech startups in different verticals: Cyber Security, Ad Tech, Social & Real Estate Tech. Here Are The 4 Companies: Cyber Security   Siemplify ThreatNexus is the first end-to-end security operations platform powering today's advanced SOCs. ThreatNexus uses graph intelligence to analyze data from any source, including security events, threat intelligence feeds, and vulnerability information. The data is fused together, automatically adding invaluable context and priority around every threat. Noise reduction algorithms filter out the noise and contextual clustering algorithms group related incidents and alerts. Siemplify ThreatNexus then provides one pane of glass for SecOps to manage the right threats, investigate across all available data sources, and initiate response with unprecedented speed. Social   Gong tracks engagement on hundreds of thousands sources and stories as they spread across the social web to guarantee users' get the most interesting stories…before everyone starts talking about them. Ad Tech Outernets is empowering retailers to rethink storefront displays. Storefront windows are underutilized prime real estate that should be used to drive foot traffic, advertising and sales. Today’s declining retail market is still primarily dominated by the same tools retailers have been using for decades: printed posters, mannequins, and bulky televisions with lazy content. It’s time the brick and mortar shopping experience gives consumers the same level of personalization and engagement they get online.We believe storefront windows are the “homepage” of retail, and should be able to provide special attention, personalized results and instant gratification. Outernets’ system transforms retail windows into a powerful tool creating smart interactive digital displays by using advanced data analytics and AI. Today, no longer does one size fit all.   Real Estate Tech   Cherre is the the market network for real estate. We are building out a single platform that brings together all repeat and local stakeholders in a real-estate transaction to a single, data-driven process. We started with a strong productivity platform for agents, and will later expand throughout the agents' natural network to all the repeat players in the ecosystem. We understand the human and data challenges that the real estate industry faces, and our platform makes powerful and valuable interactions ridiculously easy and enjoyable. __________________________________________________________ Agenda 6:00 to 7:00 PM: Networking 7:00 to 7:05 PM: Opening Remarks by Osnat Benari Sr. Director & Head of AOL Area 51 7:05 to 8:15 PM: Demos + Q&A  8:15 to 9:30 PM: More Networking! ________________________________________________________________  Thank You To Our Sponsors!  The AOL AREA 51 program is designed to empower top employees and select recent graduates by providing a startup environment within the AOL ecosystem. The AOL AREA 51 creators get up to six months of funding, mentorship and accelerated development with an open door to AOL resources, tools and support from the talented AOL team and mentors. Through AOL AREA 51, we can collaborate on tomorrow’s biggest ideas. ________________________________________________________________ Sponsorship Opportunities: Looking to promote your business through our great sponsorship opportunities? Reach out to to learn more about it.

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