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Making Sense Of a Slackified World

Making Sense Of a Slackified World
Event on 2017-07-26 18:30:00
Slack runs modern business. Is this always a good thing? It’s a default tool for software development, media, and even construction. At Postlight, we live our professional lives—and our personal lives!—on Slack. And whenever something becomes this powerful, and this integrated into our way of work, we think it’s important to take notice and talk about it. On Wednesday, July 26th, at 6:30 PM, we’re holding a roundtable discussion about building things inside of Slack, going beyond bots. We’ll talk for a half-hour or so and then open the discussion to everyone in the room. What should we do about, with, and on top of Slack? Is the Slackification of our working life to be welcomed or resisted?! On the panel:  Tara Jane Feener: Web Engineer at FiftyThree, led the development of their product Paste: a new class of productivity tool designed for messaging, bringing visual collaboration to Slack. Nam Nguyen: GM at GIPHY overseeing the company's growth and success on getting people ALL THE GIFs!  Greg Leuch: Head of Product and R&D at Poncho where he is responsible for teaching Poncho many tricks to become one of the best-known conversational chat bots. With moderator Isaiah Green:  Product Manager on Slack’s Search, Learning and Intelligence (SLI) team, where he focuses on building an intelligent layer on top of Slack to make life simpler, more pleasant and more productive for its users. ALL ARE WELCOME 

at Postlight
101 5th Avenue , 10th Floor
New York, United States


Event on 2015-06-19 13:00:00

Contact: Tanya “Malibu” Young: 404.671.0843

Juneteenth, June 19, 2015, Celebrating 150 Years

Atlanta, Georgia – Midsouth MKT&PR in collaboration with Georgia Soul Hospitality & Tourism, Fidelity Rose Mgmt, GlamLyfe Media, Come Clean Entertainment, and the Georgia Chapter of NAHEMP is seeking your support as we organize and plan for Juneteenth 2015.  

Juneteenth History:  Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States.  Dating back to 1865, it was on June 19th that the Union soldiers landed in Galveston, Texas with news that the war had ended and that the enslaved were now free.  The reactions to this profound news ranged from pure shock to immediate jubilation.  Recounting the memories of that great day in June of 1865 and its festivities would serve as motivation for the celebration.  June 19th is now coined "Juneteenth" and celebrated across the world.   The Juneteenth celebration is a time for reassuring each other, for praying and gatherings with family and friends.  Certain foods are popular and subsequently synonymous with Juneteenth celebrations such asstrawberry soda-pop and BBQ to share in the spirit and aromas that our ancestors – the barbecue pit is often established as the center of attention at Juneteenth celebrations.  Food was abundant because everyone prepared a special dish.  Dress was also an important element in early Juneteenth customs.  For decades these annual celebrations have flourished, growing continuously each passing year with as many as 20,000 African Americans during the course of a week, making the celebration one of the largest in black history.

          Today, Juneteenth is enjoying a phenomenal growth rate within communities and organizations throughout the country.  The Juneteenth mission is to promote and cultivate knowledge and appreciation of African American history and culture.  Juneteenth today, celebrates African American freedom and achievement, while encouraging continuous self-development and respect for all cultures.  As it takes on a more national, symbolic and even global perspective, the future of Juneteenth looks bright as the number of cities and states creating Juneteenth committees continues to increase.  Getting involved and supporting Juneteenth celebrations creates new bonds of friendship and understanding among us.  For more information on Juneteenth and its History please contact: Clifford Robinson 504.644.4691   




How to Celebrate:

We are planning to celebrate Juneteenth by hosting a Feed the Hungry Sack Lunch Event,  BBQ Cookout, Celebrity Ball Games and Tournaments, Car and Bike Show, Miss Juneteenth contests, Parades, Drill Teams, Battle of the Bands, Kids Play Zone. Cooking Competitions, Fundraisers, Community Rally’s, Health Pamphlets, and  a host of Private Parties are just a few of the typical Juneteenth activities going down in Atlanta, Georgia.  Juneteenth almost always focuses on education and self improvement among all communities so, we will have Guest speakers and Community Leaders along with us to hit the streets and get hands on in the City by picking up trash and helping the Homeless. Live music and entertainment is also one of the event highlights of Juneteenth, so each day will feature a Sound Stage to allow for various artists performances, guest speakers, and panelists.  Prayer services are also a major part of these celebrations, so the weekend will come to a close with a Contemporary Gospel and Praise Event.


In many cities, tens of thousands turn out to for both outdoor and indoor events.  This is the perfect celebration to get the youth and community involved.  We have established a committee to assist in the planning   of this year’s Juneteenth Celebrations.  The Georgia Chapter National Association of Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music Professionals also known as (NAHEMP) is looking for individuals to help make this event a success.  It’s very important for Local businesses and city government to come onboard as supports and sponsors to keep costs low (or free) for attendees. 


Event Synopsis:

Event Name: The Essence of Juneteenth, Celebrating 148 Years

Event Host: TBA

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Ticket Pricing: Free, Donation: Private Events –

Sponsorship Levels: -,000.00

Celebrity Invited Guests: TBA

Sound Stage Performance Line-Up: TBA

Event Line-Up: Hospitality Night and Party Bus: BBQ Fest and Showcase Sound Stage: Farewell Brunch:

Event Highlights:

This event is designed to bring the Community out and raise awareness about the Juneteenth Movement as well as bridge the gap between the Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music Industry.  Expertise of the event staff involves Community Leaders, Media, Radio, Association Members, Volunteers, Event Planners, Catering & Beverage Specialists, Host, Sponsors, and Community.  This event will take place at Various Venues throughout Metro Atlanta, Georgia and will guarantee to draw the attention of major media and A, B, and C List Celebrities from all over. 


All Special Invited Guests who RSVP will receive much endue and gifts like (Skin Care, Jewelry, Brand Beverages, Signature Clothing, Novelties, and more from our Sponsors and Vendors.  This will be the 1st of events hosted and sponsored by the Georgia Chapter (NAHEMP) and each event will allow for business owners and entrepreneurs to showcase and visually display their product or service to attendees.  There will also be major networking among attendees, Music Artists and Entertainers who appear on the Sound Stage.  These events are free and donation based, unless otherwise stated on a ticket.  All attendees are asked to bring an in-kind donation, non-perishable food, clothes, shoes, toys, books, personal necessities, gifts, school supplies etc… for families in need.  Participation in such a historic campaign means a lot to (NAHEMP).  Attendees will be blessed with a with a Taste of Southern Hospitality filled with Live Entertainment, and the Sweets Sounds of Soulful Music as well as, a host of activities, events, gifts, food, beverages, vendor samples, and promotional items from sponsors.

This will surely be a Community Event to remember.  The mass marketing campaign for Juneteenth kicks off March 1, 2013 with 100,000 flyers, posters, online e-blast, cross promotions, yard signs, fundraisers, e-vites, radio commercials, website blogs, Youtube videos, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, Instagram, and various media releases.  For more event information please contact: Tanta Young @ Midsouth MKT & PR: 404. 671.0843:


Potential Sponsor: We are seeking brand and product sponsors, and we feel that your company or brand is worthy of reaching Thousands of people through or sponsorship levels. We are in need of major sponsors so that these events can be free or at low cost.   is of a great need all proceeds received will be used to cover the cost incurred by this campaign; any remaining funds will roll over into the 2014 campaign.  The Georgia Chapter of (NAHEMP) National Association of Hospitality, Entertainment, and Music Professionals and Georgia Soul Catering and Events has coordinated this event to draw attention the history and importance of Juneteenth.  Both (NAHEMP) and Georgia Soul serve a major purpose in the Atlanta area and focus on the empowering and building the community.  We are seeking sponsorship and support from businesses and individuals on a monetary and in-kind level; we are also accepting contributions of food, beverages, advertising, prize give-a-ways, and more. The sponsorship levels are as follows:

For more information on events, sponsorships, ticket/table pricing, promotions and advertising please contact Event Coordinator: Tanya Young via phone 404.671.0843 or email All Media, Press, Management, & Celebrities with ABC Credentials} please RSVP with Company Name, Contact Person, Website, Publication, Blog:

Sponsorship Levels

 �-�Corporate Sponsor (,000.00): Name/Logo on all Event Print, Name/Logo on Event Backdrop, Name/Logo on all Advertising and Promotions, Custom Signage Display, Sound Stage in your Name (4hour Block), Guest List for #50, (5) Radio Spot Shout-Outs, (1) Online Ad, Social Networking Tags, (10min) Media Spotlight, (45min) Live Performance Slot, Product Placement, Vendor Space, Host Branding of your Product or Clothing, Name/Logo on event  websites, Complimentary Food and Beverages


�-�Platinum Sponsor (,500.00): Name/Logo on Event Polo Shirt, Towel, and Swagg Bag, Name on Event Backdrop, Name on all Advertising and Logo Promotions, Signature Signage, Sound Stage in your Name (3hour Block), Guest List for #35, (3) Radio Spot Shout-Outs, (1) Online Ad, Social Networking Tags, (10min) Media Spotlight, (30min) Live Performance Slot, Vendor Space, Complimentary Food and Beverages


�-�Gold Sponsor (,500.00): Name/Logo on Event Polo Shirt, Towel, and Swagg Bag, Name on Event Backdrop, Name on all Advertising and Logo Promotions, Signature Signage, Sound Stage in your Name (2hour Block) Guest List for #25, (2) Radio Spot Shout-Outs, (1) Online Ad, Social Networking Tags, (10min) Media Spotlight, (25min)  Live Performance Slot, Vendor Space, Complimentary Food and Beverages


�-�Label Sponsor (,500.00): Turn the Venue into your own PRIVATE Party: 3500 Sqft Lounge and Bistro Style Venue: Complimentary Parking:  (2) Hour block: allows you the STAGE for 2hours : VIP ACCOMODATIONS for (50) GUESTS: 60inch Flat Screen Television to play music videos of your Label, Artists, or Business: Projector Screen with DJ Video Mixer to play Music and Video: Wi-Fi to flash your Website or Media Blog: Complete Sound and Lighting including Cordless Microphones: VIP Lounge Area: (3) 750ml Bottles of Premium Liquor {Choice of} Wine, Beer, and Well Open Bar for VIP GUESTS: {Choice of} Complimentary Food, Beverages, and Desserts for VIP GUESTS:


�-�Prize Give-a-ways (,000.00): Name/Logo on Event Polo Shirt, Towel, and Swagg Bag, Name on Event Backdrop, Name on all Advertising and Logo Promotions, Signature Signage, Sound Stage in your Name (1) hour Block) Guest List for #10, Social Networking Tags, (10min) Media Spotlight, (10min) Live Performance Slot, Vendor Space, Complimentary Food and Beverages


�-�Feature Artists (0.00): (15min) min Sound Stage, Guest List for #7, (10min) Media Spotlight

Complimentary Food and Beverages


�-�Vendor Display Space (0.00): (1) Vendor/Display Area and (3) VIP


�-�Product Placement (): minimum 50 pieces inserted inside Gifts bags or Venue


�-�Event Social Network Comp Card (.00) Name/Logo/User Name



Event Registration Form

Name: ________________________________________________ Contact #: ______________________

Business Name: ________________________________ Email: __________________________________

Level of Sponsorship: _____________ Amount of Sponsorship: __________ Type of Payment:__________

Names of Guests: ______________________________________________________________________


Signature: __________________________________________________________ Date: _____________

All Registration is NON-REFUNDABLE: By Signing you consent to being Recorded, Photo Graphed and Filmed: You accept Liability for any injures or damages to yourself, guests, and property, as the Host Organization is released from any claims with your signature on the form.: Georgia Soul Hospitality:


Atlanta, United States