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How can I find someone to optimize web sites I design?

Question by ellebgirl@ymail.com: How can I find someone to optimize web sites I design?
I have a small Design and Marketing firm and design some awesome websites but don’t have the time or experience to get those sites to the top of google. Is there a good seo program or any companies that do only this that could help?

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Answer by Steve K
Advertise the website with google properly.

All Business Solutions from Google.

These will help you… you should also consider hiring a Developer that is Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Ceritified for SilverLight and web applications like AJAX that look amazing on websites. They will take your designs to a whole new level and increase your market. Developers go hand in hand with with Web Designers now…

MS Expressions Studios 2 works very well with MS Visual Studio .NET 2008 Professional. These applications are where the Design & Development pros have taken their ballgame.

Have fun with design and I wish you luck to your Success in the field.

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