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Pega Online Training by Real Time Expert

Pega Online Training by Real Time Expert
Event on 2018-11-17 20:00:00
PEGA 7.2 (PRPC) Course Content

o Introduction to BPM
o Introduction to PEGA PRPC & Designer Studio
o Pega 7.2 Software Installation
Organization Setup
o Designer Studio Panels
o Operator ID
o Rule Set
o Access Group
o Case
Building New Application
o Application Profiler
o Application Accelerator
o Application Express
Introduction to Class Structure
o Class Types
o Abstract Class
o Concrete Class
Working with Class group/Work pool
Explorer’s In Pega
Introduction to Data Model
o Creating Data Tables
o Types of Properties
o Creating Properties
o Change the Appearance of a property
o Create Embedded Properties
Introduction to User Interface and Form Design
Introduction to Process Definition
Working on Stages & Processes
User Interface
o Create a Section
o Create a Section Containing Multiple Layouts
o Adding a Section to a Flow Action
o Calling another Section in a Section
o Selecting the Layout
o Creating Flow Action
o Creating Harness
Process Definition
o Different Shapes used in Flow & their purpose
o Create Main Flow/Process flow
o Create a Sub-flow/Screen flow
o How to run the flow or creating work object
o Create Tabbed/Tree navigation Screen Flow
o Call a Sub-flow from another flow or from same flow
o Design and Implement Screen flow
o How to select Screen flow types
Advanced UI
o Add Image/Icon/Links
o Apply Dynamic Fetch
o Calling Data Pages
o Repeating Layout and Tabbed Layout
o Conditionally display a Section
Activities and Methods
o Explain the purpose of different tabs in Activity
o Understand purpose of Pages & Classes
o Different Methods used in Activities
o How to call Activity from another activity
o Different ways to call Activities
o Types of Validations
o Rule-Edit-Validtion
o Rule-Obj-Validation
o Constraints
o Difference between Rule-Edit-Validation and Rule-Object-Validation
o Difference between ROV & Constraints
Decision Rules
o Decision Table
o Decision Tree
o MapValue
o Calling Decision Rules in Flow & Activity
o Calling Decision rules in Expressions
Declarative Rules
o Declare Expressions
o Declare Constraints
o Declare On Change
o Declare Pages/Data Pages
Advanced Activities
o Create an Activity with a precondition and a Transition
o Create an Activity to populate a Dynamic Select
o Creating activity for Calling Integration
Assigning the Work
o Introduction on Routing
o To Work List
o To Work Basket
SLA (Service Level Agreements)
o Define an SLA
o Assigning SLA to Assignment
o How to Send a Correspondence (E-mail)
o Configuring E-mail
o Work Parties
o Creating Work-Party
o Adding Work-party to Flow
o Agents
o Reports
o Migration/Deployment (Import & Export)
o Developer Toolbars
o Clipboard
o Tracer
o UI Inspector
o UI Tree
o Where Am I
o Documenting the Application
o Connecting to External Database Using Connect-SQL
o Configuring Web Services (SOAP)
o Integration Connector & Services ( SOAP)
o New Features in Pega 7
o Difference between Versions
o PRPC Guardrails
o Certification Materials
o Resumes
o Interview Question
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