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Ripstar presents: Art Tour 2015 @ Wave St. Studios

Ripstar presents: Art Tour 2015 @ Wave St. Studios
Event on 2015-07-17 00:00:00
Ripstar Entertainment is planning its first installation in the Monterey Bay Peninsula at the famed Wave Street Studios, Cannery Row. Come provide statements of how art has created transformation in your life at the opening ceremony on Friday July 17, from 6-9 P.M.

In a package of wine, music, and art; Ripstar’s Art Tour will be featuring a fashion runway, live musical performances and silent auction. The installation will be a month long and a closing reception is scheduled in Mid-August. Both events will be free and open to all ages. To register please send an email to

The first piece in the series Local Legends will be shown at the opening ceremony.
In the 2015 expansion of the Art Tour, now facing its second year, some well-known artists are entering the events. Susan Kraft, John Chui, James Gayles, and Slyvester Guard all have amazing artist track records. Likewise, Kadesh Carter, Steve Lane, Shawn Shawn, Jessica Lim, Diego Marcial Rios, and Cade Burkhammer are making spectacular contributions in the arts and have been invited jump on the ART tour.

About the artists:

Shawnshawn: revolutionary art since 1993
This artist has 3 distinct styles: Architectural Abstraction, Metal Mayhem and Political Pop. In Architectural Abstraction he explores city skylines and patterns emerging in strict 30, 60 and 90 degrees angles. In Metal Mayhem, he explores abstract cityscapes via all metal tools in acrylic paint. In Political Pop, he reprocesses commercials and pop films into subversive themes that underlie the truth of the world at the deepest levels. This is Art of the Real. Website:

Ruth Carroll studies included life drawing and portraiture, watercolor and bronze sculpture. She spent ten years doing commercial art for the amusement park industry, carving and as well as painting. Her work is all over the world. For the past seven years Ruth has been focusing on painting with oils on canvas and encaustic on panels. She is committed to paint what inspires her. Her favorite subjects include landscape, still life and figurative work. She enjoy's getting outdoors to paint in plein air and also working in her studio.

Sylvester Guard takes street art and the acid-washed intensity of the 90’s into a package that is as colorful as it is provocative. In a clever series of prints; Guard takes inspiration from superheroes by superimposing their masks on pug faces. He has displayed at Art Attacks SF! And the SF Live Worms Gallery, and continues to impress as he won a contest to place a mural on the corner of Haight & Fillmore. An accomplished muralist, Guard has collaborative and individual works on display in restaurants and on the streets of San Francisco.

James Gayles is an Emmy Award winning artist based in Oakland, California. James has won public art commissions from cities across the US and Asia. He is very committed to cultivating artists and sharing his work in the Bay Area where he has lived for the last 20 years. Gayles is a two-time winner of Art Direction Magazine’s Creativity Award, one for the NewsCenter 4 logo redesign, and the other for an editorial illustration for the New York Times. James has illustrated for McGraw-Hill, Random House, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, as well as several advertising agencies on both the East and West coasts. (paraphrased from

Kadesh Carter currently is employed as an artist, interior decorator, and hydroponics engineer. Creating original pieces of art work, through a variety of mediums, including interior design. Professional art gallery showings, and private works available through contact. Her background includes seven years of financial institutions/banking experience in being result oriented with financial advice, technical support and customer service. Organized and self-motivated with exceptional research and qualitative abilities. Highly analytical, results-driven who works quickly and accurately under tight deadlines. (Pulled from LinkedIn)

John Chui was born in China, moved to Hong Kong and started doodling on textbooks, hanging out on the Colony's delightful tropical beaches, and listening to rock and roll for spiritual initiations. Upon moving to the USA, (he) worked (his) way through a succession of painting styles before developing a unique figurative expressionism with subject matter that reflected my own spiritual evolution. In the beginning of the digital revolution, (he) mastered many digital design tools, and then eventually received an international grand prize for 3-D graphics at the annual Seybold Convention. Now (he’s) just chasing the light between the four corners. I paint for no one and without a purpose… (paraphrased from

Media Contact
Rob Jackson
Ripstar, Inc.

Event Address:
07.17.15, Friday, 6-9 P.M.
Wave Studios
774 Wave Street
Monterey, CA 93940

at Wave Street Studios
774 Wave Street
Monterey, United States